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Star Trek Lieutenant Kulhane

This was an experimental model that was good enough to be released. It's based on a character EFP*Tim made named William Kulhane. He's a...


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Star Trek Unofficial EF2 Preview Pack

I can't rate it, cuz, I did it. ;) Anyway, this is the skin that you can see on the left of the header. The Munro with the white should...


Star Trek Hoshi Sato

Over at Mod Support at Raven Forums, I've noticed a lot of anticipation for a Hoshi skin. This one isn't by the NX-01 mod team, and it doe...


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Star Trek Malcom Reed

This is a skin of Malcom Reed in his Enterprise NX-01 uniform, looks pretty cool. :)


Star Trek 7of 9 Uniform Skin

This is 7 of 9 in a proper Starfleet uniform.


Star Trek SP Hazard Animation Enhanced Starfleet Player Models

The models in this pack are the normal crewthin and crewfemale models, however, their original set of animations have been removed and repl...


Star Trek Type 8 Shuttle - model

A type 8 shuttle as seen in USS Voyager. Included in both MD3 and .tan file format for both EF1 and EF2. Please note that the file is...