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Tutorials How Make Your Own Server

Small tutorial that explain how to make your own server. Good explanation. .rtf format. Can be read by MS Word.


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Tutorials How to Add Bot Support

An updated version of Tuvak_2's bot support tutorial. Pakscape is now included. If you don't have Microsoft Word, you can use OpenOffic...


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Tutorials Bot Team Chat Tutorial

This tutorial teaches you how to give your own bot it's very own chat messages! If you don't change the messages, pretty much all bots def...


Tutorials Force Field and Heal Pad Tutorial

NightShadow shows you how to make a usable force field (i.e. when you use a console a force field pops up), and how to make a healing pad (i...


Tutorials Button Door and Removable Panel Tutorial

NightShadow adds two more tutorials to some basic RPG map elements. These two concern making doors activated by buttons, and making removab...


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Tutorials RPG-X Documentation

Here is the documentation listing most of the RPG-X commands and cvars. It is incomplete however it is mostly there. Some major changes a...


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Tutorials Elite Force Server Tutorial

A Server Creation Tutorial, to help out anyone having trouble with EF1 servers. It includes an example config file, and a text guide explain...