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Weapons DJ's Beretta 92FS

Kryptik has released yet another weapon to replace the compression rifle. This weapon has it's own custom sounds, effects and ammo pickups....


Weapons G36

Another fantastic gun from DJ KryptiK. Replaces the scavenger rifle.


Weapons MP5 K

Another fantastic gun from DJ KryptiK. Replaces the scavenger rifle.


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Weapons Quantum Burst

The name is kind of misleading. Not only does this make changes to the photon weapon, it also changes a few more. This takes part of other...


Weapons Quantum Launcher #

This is a new and improved Photon burst. But this bably fires a mini quantum torpedo. This new weapon is dub'd the Quantum Launcher...


Weapons Enhanced Compression Rifle

This is the compression rifle from EF2 which is based on the screenshots from Not too bad of a job, however it does look t...


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Weapons Type-3a Phaser Rifle

This mod changes some of the phaser sounds and a few textures too. Here's a list of what's in it: Changes phaser and Pulse ri...


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Weapons Stargate Weapons Mod

A weapon mod based upon the weapons of the Stargate SG1 TV series


Weapons Colt Anaconda

Authors Description: This is a model I made of a Colt Anaconda .357 Magnum. This 6 shot revolver packs a punch strong enough to kn...


Weapons I Mod Weapon Mod

This mod changes a few things about the IMod. For one, the weapon and ammo textures have been 'upgraded' a little. It basically has a whol...


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Weapons Scavenger Alteration

Changed the sounds from the rifle. Also changes the energy pulses to orange


Weapons Alien Weapons

This mod changes some of the scavenger rifle and tetryon pulse disruptor sounds and a few textures. Like the things we normally see from [S...


Weapons Borg/Damaged Weapons mod

This weapons mod changes some of the weapons textures to make it look like they have been assimilated/damaged also the weapon sounds and the...


Weapons TOS Type 2 Phaser

This weapons mod changes the phaser model the textures, sounds, effect. This one looks really good theres only 1 thing that i dont understa...


Weapons Delta Quadrant Weapons Mod

The main part of this mod is that it replaces the Phaser with a Vidiian Harvester, and the Compression Rifle with a Hirogen Disruptor Rifle....


No Screenshot
Weapons Phenom's FX

Simply... Or mostly, this mod change the FX of many weapon, change textures, add "CHAT" on the sprite over your head when you chat in Holo...


Weapons EF Marksman crosshairs

10 new crosshairs for EF1.


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Weapons Phaser Pack Deluxe

Supposedly this is a phaser conversion for Gladiator Arena, so if you only want it to run when using Gladiator Arena then stick it in your G...


Weapons The New Futuristic Tricorder

Another tricorder texture mod. See readme for details and screenshot to decide if you like it or not.


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Weapons Green phaser indicator

Alexraptor's green phaser indicator mod, finnaly on effiles. It also changes the phaser sounds and the phaserbeam.


Weapons Christmas Pak Teaser

This mod replaces some of the weapons to more christmasy-themed ones. The phaser is now the "Garlend Shooter", the compression rifle is the...


Weapons Christmas Pak

This mod replaces all of the weapons to more christmasy-themed ones. For example, the compression rifle is the "Light Bulb Rifle", the IM...


Weapons Stargate Weapons mod

I never watched Stargate, so I don't know how close this comes. It looks pretty cool, but Ill leave the rating to you guys since I don't k...


Weapons 29 Century Phaser

This weapons mod replace the standed phaser and gives you a more sleek, rounded version :)