1v1 Klingon Temple

Personal convertion of the map CTF_KLN 1 to a Tourney (1v1) side.


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Personal convertion of the map CTF_KLN 1 to a Tourney (1v1) side.

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 __                                          ____________________________  __
(  | USS VOYAGER HOLODECK MODIFICATION FILE |____________________________||__)
 ) |                                           __

    Hello there!
    Welcome to my Tourney modification of the CTF-Map ctf_kln1 ("Honor").
    This map is expected to be played in Tournament Holomatch (1v1) or
    Deathmatch with max. 3 players. It's not ment for TDM or CTF.

                                                       __                  __
                                                      (__| HOW TO INSTALL |__)
     * Extract the ZIP-File contents into your Elite-Force root directory - 
       like "C:\STVOY", NOT the baseef-Folder! After that you will see this
       readme.txt in the EF root and the map file 1v1_klingontemple.pk3 in 
       the baseef folder.
     Now you will see in EF a new map in your maps list called "Klingon Training" 
     showing a screenshot of it. It will show off in standard one-player or the
     create-match/server menus.
     Hope you have fun! If you like to drop me line about this, please do
     so: [email protected]

     Or visit my homepage for the latest news about my EF projects:
 __  _____________________________________                                 __
(__||_____________________________________| PROVIDED BY LT. CMDR. SALINGA |__)

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