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An interesting RPG map made by Lt. Cmnd (At time of release) Aquarius, and Cmnd (At time of release) Tycho.

I must say i like the phaser...


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An interesting RPG map made by Lt. Cmnd (At time of release) Aquarius, and Cmnd (At time of release) Tycho.

I must say i like the phaser range (top scores for me), and the hall itself. The whole map feels almost 'social' and 'fun' the breifing room has proved useful for diplomatic roleplaying. There is a lack of interactivity (first map aquarius has made) but hopefully that will be fixed in a later release, which is underway as i write this. The map rps pretty well, there are some boxy rooms, and a few bugs (one with the stairs, i myself dont like the df outside the window), and some textures dont show up without expansion pack.


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Download 'banquethall.zip' (4.48MB)

Banquet Hall Version 1 Readme

Enzo Aquarius 

[email protected]

Date:(please move your mouse over the date and time on your toolbar to find out lazy person)

Map Name:

Time to create:
2 months (My first map :P)


This is the first version of Aquarius' Banquet Hall. A possible version 2 may be created.
The Banquet Hall is like a Starbase. The main area is, of course, the Banquet Hall. You spawn in the Transporter room overlooking the Banquet Hall. 
There is also:
- A lounge
- Quarters
- Pool
- Holodeck
- Washroom
- Phaser Range
- Relay Room
- Briefing Room


This map is created for the ERPG mod by Admiral Phil


Extract the pk3 file to your baseEF folder, then select it from the ingame menu.
(Or click ` and type /map banquethall)

Thanks to:

Stukatto for letting me use his models.
Tycho for helping me out, and getting some textures.
Duo Maxwell for helping me from the beginning
The Beta testers (So many of them)
James Flare for some of the textures
Simmo for the Dominion War Plaques
BorgKing for giving me some help
Carley for allowing me to use some textures from the Delta Flyer, though I didn't use any.
The ERP Community

"BanquetHall" and custom textures (c) 2004 Enzo Aquarius, please do not use the textures in other maps
without my permission
Star Trek and anything related to it are owned by Paramount.



No retextures of this map shall be released public or to other RPG groups without my explicit permission.

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