Alien Derelict



The description in the readme pretty much describes what this is. The level design is refreshingly different, though I noticed a few overlapping brushes here in one of the crawlways. If you're like me and don't notice any dialogue, make sure you have text dialogue turned on. :-P Looking forward to seeing more from this person in the future.



version: 0.5


This is one section of a mission I'm making.  The story line is that Voyager responds to a distress call and sends the Hazard Team to investigate.  The ship is completely abandoned.  In later map sections, things will get interesting, but I can't say anymore about it because it'll spoil it when I finish and release those, which will be a while from now, like months probably.  Also, there is dialogue, but no sound, or mouth movement, which looks bad, but....nothing I can do about it.  Sorry!  Scripting is at a minimum for now.  Please e-mail me your comments:  [email protected].  I might make a multiplayer map with the same map scheme and design someday.  That will be a long ways away however.  I know that single player is not real popular.

By the way, this is for EF1

Installation info:
Extract the "alienderelict.pk3" from the zip file to your BaseEF folder (default: C:\Program Files\Raven\Star Trek Voyager Elite Force\BaseEF).

To run the map:
Run the game
Bring down the console (~ key below esc key)
Type: "map derelict1" (no quotes)
Presto!  The map will load and play!  (Hopefully I set everything up right!)

Don't forget to send me your comments!

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