Almost Done - Rage

We bring you another one of Lt. Cmdr. Salinga's conversions today with the unusually named Almost Done - Rage. I have no idea...


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We bring you another one of Lt. Cmdr. Salinga's conversions today with the unusually named Almost Done - Rage. I have no idea what this has to do with the map, but nevermind!

ANYWAY, "Rage" is a small map for I would think ten players or less. It has a very industrial feel, as have many of Salinga's Q3A conversions, and for some reason has spinning gears everywhere, on the floor and on the walls. The map is dark in some places (something not helped by the metal textures) so it can be hard to find your way around, although the corridors are narrow, and turning a corner can often lead to you bumping into a hostile, making for some decent close-quarters combat. The weapons are all out in the open, but I feel the placement of something like the Arc Welder should have been reconsidered, as it is right next to a spawn point. There are no special items on the map, save for a regeneration powerup at the highest point of the multi-level map.

Overall, I was decidely underwealmed by this map, as it really doesn't have anything very unique or interesting. However if you are a fan of small, close-quarter Solomatches, this is certainly something for you.

~ Luke20 (The Tenth Doctor)

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Download '' (2.03MB)

Elite Force conversion by Lt. Cmdr. Salinga with permission from the author.

Copyright notice of the original map applies also to this conversion.

Gametypes ......: FFA, 1v1, Solomatch
Date of release : 31.01.2009
Installation ...: Copy the pk3 file into the baseef folder of Elite Force.

For more Q3A map conversions visit:

Following is the readme of the original Q3A map:


	name: dAde_Rage
	long name: Almost Done - Rage
	bots: Keel
	game type: tourney, ffa
	mod: CPMA
	new models: NO
	new sounds: NO
	new textures: YES (Charon Liquid Carbon texture set + own)

	Krzysztof dAde Bukowski

	AMD Athlon64 3200+
	GF 6600GT

	Q3MAP2 2.5.16

	final (so called ;) - 27.09.2008)

	2nd beta (16.12.2007):
	- item placement changes
	- layout changes

	1st beta (20.08.2005):
	- new level from scratch

Probably my last Quake 3 map... :)
It took me about two years to run editor and start again, just to finish "Rage".
--- UPDATE - 27.09.2008 ---
Sooo... Some time ago I lost all of my mapping (Q3/Q4) data from HDD... This is last good version of Rage, it's right now 9 months after last beta version and I just want to release it. Have fun I can say, could be better, but after 3 years there's a thought in my mind - "now or never" :).
See you...

	Sumatra -
	Requiem -

COPYRIGHT (c) 2001-2008 dAde.


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