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This is InSaNe8472's second map submission to EFFiles, his first being the popular ...


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This is InSaNe8472's second map submission to EFFiles, his first being the popular Ancient Temple; The Developer has stated that, at this time, this download does not offer Bot support, however, it may be included at a later date.

If a balanced map is what you're after, then Ancient Bajor is definately something you want to add to your collection, as the bases are created even, to be sure that no one team has an advantage over the other; This map will come down to a battle of skills, to see who walks away with bragging rights! As this is a large-sized map, be sure to wear some comfortable shoes, as there will be alot of running around as you search out your enemies.

To add some fun to your gaming experience, InSaNe8472 has placed some secrets throughout...however, in order for you to use them, you will first need to find them! This map also comes with some nice background music to list to while you play...if this doesn't tickle your fancy, it can be turned off. (The directions to do this are in the readme)

This is a must have map, so, don't wait any it now!

Refer to the readme for more information.

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Download '' (8.68MB)


Name: Ancient Bajor
Version: 1.0

Author: InSaNe8472
Release Date: 3/31/2007
Contact: InSaNe8472 [AT]

Build Times:
 - Creation: 2 Months
 - Compilation: 1 Hour 45 Minutes

Map Information:
 - Game Types: Capture the Flag, Specialties, Disintegration
 - In-game Music: Yes
 - New Sounds: No
 - New Textures: No
 - Bot Support: No


This is my second map for Star Trek Voyager Elite Force 1.  This map took about 2 months to complete, off and on.  This map is for Capture the Flag, Specialties and Disintegration modes only as of right now.  Bot support is not included with this map but may be added at a later date.

This map is based upon a previous bajor map.  This map includes even bases so that each team has the same chance at play.  It is a large map with plenty of room to move around in and play.  Also included is several ways to enter and leave each base while leaving the base easy to defend against the enemy team.

There are several secrets throughout the map, all you have to do is find them.  You must have a button bound for '+USE' to use the secrets.  Items are included for specialties mode such as the Quantum Weapon Enhancer, Metaphasic Shielding and Anti-Gravity Pack.

This map also comes with in-game music.  If you do not wish to hear the music, simply type '/music 0' in the console and press enter.


1. Open the zip file 'ctf_ancient_bajor' using winzip or similar program.

2. Extract the pk3 file to your elite force baseef directory.  By default, this directory is... 'C:\Program Files\Raven\Star Trek Voyager Elite Force\BaseEF'.

3. Open Elite Force and bring down the console by pressing '~'.  Type 'map ctf_ancient_bajor' and press enter.

4. Have fun and enjoy.

Special Thanks

I would like to thank all those who have helped to test this map for bugs, errors and other tasks.

If you find any problems or errors with this map or would like to comment, please feel free to e-mail me at InSaNe8472 [AT]


You may not redistribute this file (zip or pk3) without this readme file and all other files completely intact and unedited.  This map may not be used in the creation of another map or other project without explicit permission from the author.  This map must not be decompiled or edited in any way.  All content is copyright of their respective owners.

The author takes no responsibility for any damage that may result to your computer from the use of this file.  This file, if used properly, will not cause any damage to your computer.

This file contains no viruses.  However, you should make a habit of scanning all files you download from the internet with a Virus program.

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