Arachnatron is like a mechanical spider with a living brain on top. Some very nice model and skin work, and love the brain animations :D I...


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Arachnatron is like a mechanical spider with a living brain on top. Some very nice model and skin work, and love the brain animations :D I couldn't see any 'uglies' or weird mishaps, so the conversion from Q3 came out pretty nicely! The sounds are pretty interesting, too. Some weird form of mechanical grunting ;)

Arachnatron's original author is Demon, with skins by Dark Horizon, and sounds by Limbo.

Bot Support: Yes CTF Support: Yes New Sounds: Yes

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Download '' (2.58MB)

EF readme:

Model Name		: Arachnatron
Installation Directory  : \Raven\Star Trek Voyager Elite Force\BaseEF
Converter		: Eric2534
Email Address		:

Original Q3 readme:

Model Name              : Arachnatron
installation directory  : /baseq3/players/arachnatron
Author                  : Demon
Skins Author 		: Dark Horizon
Sound Author		: Limbo
Email Address           :

Model description       : Oh yes.  The Arachnatron.  He has returned form the depths of hell.  This time with a new style.  Let me stress this is NOT supposed to look exactly like the arachnatron form DOOM, but is supposed to be what I think he should have looked like.  I am especially fond of the soft body animation on the brain.  It was completely done by hand with bends, twists, and morph targets, over physiqued max bones.

I know there is no LOD's.  Since this is mostly a demo reel peice, I felt the time spent on it would be better used on the other models I have plans for.  And there is a small issue with the walk/run/backpedal: the max bones were extremely difficult to loop well.  I edited curves and even placed keyframes outside of the active range and it didnt seem to solve the problem.  As a result the walk/run/backpedal cycles seem a little bit abrupt at the point where it loops.  Also the jump isn't quite exagerated as much as it should be.  The bones started wigging out and twitching if i moved the legs below that point.  So it is what it is.

Anyways, ill quit my rambling now and let you play  :)

Additional Credits to   : id Software, 

* Play Information *

New Sounds              : YES
CTF Skins               : YES

* Construction *
LOD			: nope sorry
Poly Count              : 950 polys
Vert Count              : 477 Verts
Skin Count              : 3
Base                    : id softwares original sprites from DOOM, but entirely new 3d mesh.
Editor used             : Max r3.1, Character Studio 2.2, photoshop, popnfresh plugs, Nphernos NMD3 compiler, Q3ASE
Build/Animation time    : a long while :)

* How to use this model *

drop the arachnatron.pk3 into your baseq3 dir.  also put zbot_imp.pk3 in there if youd like to play with the arachnatron bots

Known bugs		: None yet

* Copyright / Permissions *

QUAKE(R) and QUAKE II(R) and QUAKEIII(R) and DOOM(R) are registered trademarks of id Software, Inc.

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