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This is something I stumbled upon reading the old topics at the late Raven boards. It's a cool tool that's pretty useful for mappers making...


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This is something I stumbled upon reading the old topics at the late Raven boards. It's a cool tool that's pretty useful for mappers making HM maps. It can make arena files for you sparing you the time and effort trying to put one together, it's a great tool and works well

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Download 'arenagenerator.zip' (1.52MB)

	.Arena File Generator By [OO]CyberGeek{TE}

	Thank you for downloading the .Arena File Generator
By [OO]CyberGeek{TE}.  This program, while designed for Star
Trek Voyager: Elite Force, will likely run just fine with
Quake 3: Arena and other Quake 3: Arena powered games.  This
program was designed to make it easier to generate the
.arena file for maps, a task which while not considerably
difficult, has many rules which can easily be accidently
skipped.  The .Arena file generated by the program is a bit
uglier than most manually made .arena files, but it works
just fine.


	Well, if you're reading this you have probably
installed the program correctly.  Sorry for having an
installation program for such a small little tool, but since
it was written in Visual Basic (I know, I know, sorry) I felt
it'd be easier to create an installation program rather than
posting the VB6 runtimes on my webpage in case the user
doesn't have them.  After all, this program IS about making
things easier =).


	First, open the program.  Oooooh, take a look at the
revolutionary interface ;).  Ok, you'll probably notice that
there is already data in the program.  This is just a wee
example, if you hit generate as is it'll create ctf_voy1's
.arena file.  The presented stuff is just to help give you
hints as to what to fill in.  If you want to clear it out
hit the Clear Fields button.  If you don't want the program
to start up with the sample info at all, you can create a
shortcut to the program which uses the command line option
-nosample, I was so proud of putting in command line
functionality in the program =).  Now, as to what everything


The first line should be the name of your compiled mapfile
(ex. mymap.bsp) WITHOUT the .bsp extension (so the example
would be mymap)

The second line is what you would like the map to be called,
NOT the map file name again.  To be a bit clearer, when you
load the map Geothermal, you see it called Geothermal in
the selection screen, not ctf_geothermal, Geothermal would
be the map name.

The third line is where you provide a German translation of
the map name, if you don't speak any german or are lazy or
something then just plug in the map name (most EF MP maps
come without German or French translations, so don't feel
like scum if you don't.)

The fourth line is where you provide a French translation of
the map name.  Again, if you don't speak French (shame on
you, its a beautiful language ^_^) then simply provide the
English map name again.

You MUST provide at least some form of name in the German
and French boxes, if you leave them blank then players using
French or German will just have a blank area where the name
should be.


In order to add any text to the two text boxes in the frame
you'll first need to click the box above them.  The title
on the check box might be a little misleading, clicking it
will NOT automatically add bot support to your map, there's
already a program out which makes that aspect of mapping
easier ;).  You know that after you load EF MP, then click
on Single Player, there's that screen which shows four maps
at a time and you go through them in a tournament-style
ladder?  This button will add your map there.  After you
click the box if you haven't started the program with the
-nosample command line parameter then some sample data will
be filled into the boxes for you.  If your new to adding bots
to this page take a bit of time to notice the sample names.
Some names, like Chakotay, are exactly as they appear
in-game.  Others, like 1_of_12, appear with underscores
instead of spaces in their name.  Still others, like
BorgQueen, just simply remove spaces.  When you add bots take
note of this and find out the names you should use for each
bot.  You should also be able to figure out just by looking
at the sample box what it does.  If you can't here's what it

Any bot who's name is in that list will be included in the
deathmatch during play (on that first tournament-style thing,
not regular gameplay, everything in this frame applys ONLY to
that screen.) Just type in the names of the bots into the box
seperated ONLY by a space, do NO place commas or anything
between names.

The next box down is how many frags you want the player to
score before "winning" the map.  Important note: PLEASE do
NOT place in an unreasonable number here (like 100, I've even
seen up to 300.)  This just drags the deathmatch on to a
point where its annoying, and some people who download your
map (like me) will want to be able to realistically finish
the thing.  This tournament-ladder thing is NOT set up as an
all-nighter, please don't make it that way.  I'd say no more
than 30 as a limit is reasonable.


This applys for regular gameplay.  We're done with that first
screen now =).  Simply check the boxes for the game modes you
want the map to be selectable by default in.  Note that
1v1 doesn't really do much good one way or another.  Without
downloading a mod 1v1 isn't a selectable game mode without
going into the console and manually changing the game mode.


Almost done.  You still with me?  Cool.  Now, in the
Recommended players box just type in how many people playing
you think would be appropriate for the map.  Its not a
restriction on anything, people can go above or below the
number as they please.  It really doesn't have an effect on
anything, gameplay-wise.

Clear Fields will wipe out all previously entered data.
Warning: Once lost anything in the fields CANNOT be

Generate! will create your .arena file in the same directory
that the program exists.  Move it into your BaseEF/scripts
directory for it to take effect.  When you're ready to
distribute your map plop it in your .pk3's /scripts

			Final Notes

- Questions? Comments? Send them to [email protected]

- Please DO NOT sell this program.  I'm not selling it (I
probably couldn't legally since its for a game which I don't
own the copyrights for, and people would probably hate me
for selling such a dinky little thing) and you have no right
to.  Sound mean?  I always gotta include a mean portion on
any readme I make, sorry ^_^.

- I am not responsible for any damages this program does to
your computer, use at your own risk.  It shouldn't do
anything to your computer, but I just don't wanna be sued, ya

- In case you skipped it earlier, you can run the program
without those sample lines of text!  Just load the program
with the command line option -nosample!  Joy!

- I like Brownie Bites.  If anyone at Hostess is reading this
then PLEASE don't stop making them =).

- Bingham High School Rocks!!!

- This is getting irrelevant!

- I got a PS2 for christmas :P.

- X clan: you guys don't know how to lose, do you?  We beat
you and one of your guys says, "We didn't lose, they won."
What's up with that ;)?!

- Everyone else, X clan doesn't know how to lose, so watch
out ;).

- Sorry, those last two lines were rude.

- Ok, not done being rude yet.  How do you feel about
leaving TE now, Boom?! Huh?! HUH?!

- Ok, should be done now ^_^.

- My goodness I just can't stop typing, can I?

- In case you didn't notice, there isn't anything useful
or relevant left in the document, please move on to
something more useful =).

- Id software makes cool games.

- Valve does, too.

- Ravensoft can't accuratly recreate Voyager sets ;).

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