Assimilated Poseidon-B

Now, I’ve been quite looking forward to playing this map, having followed its development. Therefore, I’m very pleased to announce the relea...


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Now, I’ve been quite looking forward to playing this map, having followed its development. Therefore, I’m very pleased to announce the release of the Assimilated Poseidon B from Ferengi!

This great roleplaying map, based on the well-known RPG Poseidon B (shipped with RPG-X 2.0), has a very Borg atmosphere to it and almost every area of the ship has been assimilated and re-arranged to suit the needs of the collective. Starting in the Transporter room, players will see that the familiar layout of the ship has been retained, but each room and area has a different purpose, and quite a logical one at that. The ready room has become a lair of regeneration alcoves, the crew quarters are now secondary engineering areas, and even sickbay has been turned into a cyber conversion chamber! Whilst most interactive consoles still perform the same function, a few have new uses, including a number that seem intent on blowing up the ship if you hang around too long! There is a secret area on Deck 2 (apparently the only untouched part of the ship) and have a play with the consoles in the transporter room: see what you can activate. Deck 3 seems to have disappeared. The Borg obviously don’t think much of entertainment or food. :rolleyes:

Lighting is dark, sounds are creepy, and a lot of the time, even when playing alone, you’ll be tempted to turn around sharply to check that no drones are shadowing you. :borg:

Download now! There are some great roleplays on the horizon with this in your BaseEF. :D

~ Luke20 (The Tenth Doctor)

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Download 'assimilatedposeidonb11.0.rar' (14.44MB)

Assimilated Poseidon-B (Retexture of the Poseidon-B)

	Deck 1:
		Ready room has been changed into a alcoves room.
		Conference room has now some alcoves and breeding-chambers.
		On the bridge is one new button (abandon ship sound, activates after 1 		minute the EPS-overload).
	Deck 2:
		The transporter room has now a second forcefield, old one has been 			changed into a new one.
		Added a (nearly) secret room, this one where the door-panel is missing.
		Added a secondary engineering (normal functions as in the main one, but 		the secondary has no effect on warp cruise or other systems).
		Added vinculum room, no functions instead of entity-limit.
	Deck 14/15/16:
		EPS-overload in the enginnering at the top level (left side if you come 		in), deactivaleble (right side, top level) (60 seconds countdown).
		Forcefields at the engineering doors, in the jeffries tube under the deck 		16 corridor deactivaleble (scan for it).
		Replaced the Brig forcefields with new once.

->How to install
	Just copy and paste the pk3 file into your baseEF folder. You can choose the 	map in the CREATE SERVER list.

->Bug report
	Please report all bugs in the bugtracker at

	Original Map by Will & Ant (RPG-X Crew).
	Borg textures by Activision.
	Original Lcars by Will & Ant, Borg-LCars by Ferengi (AKA Marc Harison).
	You can use the Borg-Lcars if you want, please just write into your readme 		where you got them from.
	Do NOT upload this map to .

	ICQ: 276153288

Best regards,
Ferengi (AKA Marc Harison)

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