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This is an interesting single player mod that turns you into a borg munro. The actual borg on the missions however are turned into random me...


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This is an interesting single player mod that turns you into a borg munro. The actual borg on the missions however are turned into random members of the voyager crew.

The crew on voyager are turned into their borg counter-parts and the textures have been borgified as well.

According to the readme, sometimes your model/weapons will not be set properly and in this case you must type 'exec borg.cfg' into the console, although this did not happen to me.

The mod is still quite buggy though, a lot of the model animations are broken etc.

Give it a try.

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Download 'assimilated_voyager.rar' (10.14MB)

Version 2
By Vincent

1. Installation

Unzip the files into your Elite Force folder (EF's root folder, it will automatically make the folder for the mod), !NOT YOUR BASEEF!.
Run the BAT file (which has to be extracted to the ROOT folder), or add +set fs_game assimilated_voyager
to the start-up commands of a shortcut to EF's Single Player. If you start it then, normally it must work well.

2. Gameplay

Just play as normal, only 1 thing which I cant do automatically. Almost
every time restarting/changing a/from map you must enter EXEC BORG in your console. 
Then you will grab a borg weapon and be fully transformed in a Borg.
After you did this once, after that you can just press M and it will exec it automatically.
In emergency situations you just enter EXEC HELP in your console. After that you can
just press V and it will do so automatically.

3. Known Errors

1. Exec Borg= Sometimes if you exec the borg.cfg file it gives the following error: gl_couldnotgrabweapon.
This means that you couldnt grab the (borg) weapon because you were standing to close to a wall or something like that. 
To fix this, stand in a free space, like you have the space to grab the weapon. This is strange but it works.

2. Exec Borg= Sometimes (mostly at missions with enemies) when you exec the borg.cfg file,
your teammates will shoot at you. In that case, restart the map and DONT
exec the file then. This will mostly fix it. If it doesn't use the exec help.cfg file.

3. UZI= When The Hunter has the UZI he shoots a bit weird, I dont know why.

4. Seven= The model from Seven of Nine as Borg acts weird in voy1, but I think I'll leave
it like this, although its a bug it looks pretty funny.

4. Main Modifications

v1.0: 1. Changed the file NPCs.cfg so all the Starfleet persons will look as Borg, and
that all the enemies would be Starfleet persons.

v1.0: 2. Changed textures on the Voyager into some Borg textures. I only
changed already excisting Voyager textures in already excisting Borg textures.

v1.0: 4. !BONUS!BONUS! Changed the Tetrion Pulse Disruptor in a self designed
UZI included with sounds. !BONUS!BONUS!

v1.0: 5. Changed some model textures.

v1.0: 6. Changed some pain, extra and combat sounds from the Enemies and
the Starfleet personell. 

v1.01: 7. Changed 1 mapshot with still the normal Hazard team to the same
mapshot only now with the Assimilated Hazard team.

v1.01: 8. Changed a lot of text: menu text, ingame text, item text etc.

v1.02: 9. Changed transporting colors.

v1.02: 10. Changed computer's menu sounds from saying hello and quitting it again to a Borg sound.

v1.03: 11. Gave Janeway, Tuvok, Munro, Chakotay, Torres and Seven their "real" borg skin, not just some skin.

v.1.03b: 12. The Invisible appearance of Species 8472 and the sounds of them are fixed.

v.1.03b: 13. The Tactical Data and the Mission Objectives are fixed.

v.1.03b: 14. Changed 1 background, the one with the debris into a Borg-ish area.

v.1.04: 15. Fixed the "funny hands" into just nothing.

v.1.04: 16. Changed the phaser, the i-mod and the compression rifle into Borg-ish weapons.

v.1.04: 17. Added an extra script for in Emergency Situations with the borg.cfg script.

v.2: 18. I reorganised the PK3's into 1 paks which now all contain all the files in 1 PK3
and not seperated in several PK3's.

v.2: 19. The readme has been updated. Although some things from the old version 1.05 
are lost (don't know why), I still decided to release all my work a bit enhanched as a version 2.
Remember that this was my first mod ever and is still kinda buggy.

5. Saying Goodbye

I hope you will all enjoy this mod. Have FUN!!!

6. Special thanks:

Very special to Jeffrey Nelson for his ALPHA testing, thank you Jeffrey!
To Tonyo for his BETA testing, thank you!
To Proffitt for BETA testing, thanks!
To Omega1989 for his BAT file and BETA testing, thank you!

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