Assimilated Voyager Bridge



other levels are changed.This is a skillfully textured map which turns the sleakly pristine Voyager bridge into a meancing metallic assimilated borg bridge. Recently appearing in yesterday's PotD this is an impressive assimilated version of the stock map from the original game. Every texture matches up correctly to its corresponding former-Federation part, especially the borg interface panels over the LCARS and the overhead lighting shinning down onto the command platform. The only thing I could say was a bit of a let down is the doors, even though in First Contact doors were largely untouched by borg nodes it would have looked better to have some sort of borg parts on the doors leading to the turolift. The Green ambient lighting is a nice touch also but the overall lighting is a tad too bright, a darker set of lights would have suited this perfectly. However having said that, this map is still definitely worth checking out. It includes the .map file so you can open it up and modify it yourself. ;)- IKS


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