Beehive Station

Beehive was quite a clever idea :) I really would have never expected to see something like this.. and it's pretty good! I like the whole b...


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Beehive was quite a clever idea :) I really would have never expected to see something like this.. and it's pretty good! I like the whole beehive structure in the middle area and the various instances of hexagons all over. The map really seemed like a maze to me. I loved how there were so many walkways and elevators and halls that all connected together; it all worked very well.

My only gripes would be that it's hard to identify which base your are in (in CTF mode). The only indication of the base colours are two lights in the middle and, ofcourse, the flags. I often had no idea which base I was transported to, or sometimes even forget which base I was roaming around in :D. I did notice my framerate dropping as well. As long as it remains above 50 I usually don't mind, but seeing the size of this map, perhaps some more optimization is needed (or compiling the map in fullvis compared to fastvis). My last gripe is the ammo placement. While it certainly is fun to not have to scramble for only 2 ammo's per base, there is some challenge in having to kill for your ammo ( }> ) and perhaps having so much ammo lying around might lead to some big power struggles.

I'd definitely recommend checking this out. The layout and the structure of the map might be worth a peek; however, I'm not sure how well this would fare in an actual match.

Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Sounds: No Game Types: CTF, THM, HM

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Download '' (2.96MB)


Simply unzip this file and place bhive.pk3 into the BaseEF folder of your Elite Force Installation.

C:\Program Files\Raven\Star Trek Voyager Elite Force\BaseEF


Map Name:  bhive
Map Title:  Beehive Station
Author:  GALEN
Created with:  EF Radiant
Creation time:  3 - 4 weeks
Compile time: 10 min. (FastVis)
Bot support:  Yes (added with BSPC-GUI)
Play modes:  Single, Capture the Flag, Free for All (deathmatch), Team Holomatch, and Tournament.


You may distribute this map by any means and to anyone provided that:  1) You do not alter the contents of bhive.pk3 or any file therein; 2) You do not charge money for this map, except in cases where bhive.pk3 (or any file therein) is placed on a CD and a fee is charged to cover the costs of the CD media.

You may not decompile or otherwise alter this map without my express written permission.  


This map contains a texture from Angel City (blech.jpg in the Textures folder of the PK3).  This texture is the property of Angel Quinones and it is used by Galen with permission.

Angel Quinones may be reached via: (the BOD Clan website)

All other custom textures used in this map are (c) Id Sofware.

If at any time and for any reason the copyright holder of any custom textures used in this map wish for them to be remove, please contact me using the information below.


In the console, you'll see "Warning:  Texture has lightmap but no lightmap stage!"  This isn't anything that will affect gameplay and it can be ignored.

One of the beta testers reported a slow framerate which resulted in jerkiness.  I'm not sure what caused this problem and no one else complained of this.


Over the River (ctf_river)


A very big thank you goes out to all the guys at the Raven Software forums for their ongoing help with all my problems and questions.

Thanks to [EVIL]Player, the admin of the Snipe Me server, for hosting my first map (Over the River) on Snipe Me.  This has allowed me to get valuable feedback from other players.

You can find Snipe Me by searching for servers in EF using "Gametype: ALL"


This is only my 2nd released map, so suggestions and critism on how I can improve are more than welcome!  If you have any suggestions or comments, please e-mail me at [email protected] and include a subject line of  "your EF map" or something like that.  Otherwise, I will delete an unknown e-mail address as spam.

Look for more from GALEN in the future!



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