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Angel has re-released all his previous maps in a new installer format! The maps haven't changed, though. The new installer is a further ste...


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Angel has re-released all his previous maps in a new installer format! The maps haven't changed, though. The new installer is a further step in the 'legal' issues surrounding user made content (such as maps) so that you are more aware of what you are agreeing to by downloading these maps :)

Original review by Crusader: This map starts you off in a hallway, but the hallways go on, forever. The doors look alike, and you don't know where you've been beamed. I found it impossible to actually find my way back,;some doors blow down, some doors have forcefeilds. I found a number of those hard to find BOD secrets, and a few took me almost 10 minutes. There are some traps that make me want to just take BOD by the neck and strangle them, because I was so far, and then i had to go to the start and find my way. I found a few bugs, the first was a very small clip error, but I didn't notice that except in showtris. There were also some objects that sounded like a func_breakable, but never broke(possibly a trick?). You will need to adjust your hunkmegs, but that shouldn't be a problem, because most of us do already for maps like Deralict3.

The story is interesting, and although uncanon, is something to read. The balance is pretty sweet aswell.

I took as much time as I could reviewing this map, and its a must see. My only issue is I couldn't get 30 people on EF at once to test this, so I don't know how great gameplay is. From the time I spent, its a must download for gameplay or for eye candy.

Bot Support: No New Textures: Yes New Sounds: Yes New Models: Yes Note: This is the EXE format, Mac users can download the SIT format from here: [file]26883[/file]

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Download 'bodassault.exe' (12.02MB)

THE BOD - The Black Operations Division
Date of Release: 07-15-2003
Author: Angel Quinones
Version: 1.0 for Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force

Title :  BOD ASSAULT for Elite Force
Filename : bod_assault.pk3
Maps :  bod_assault.bsp
Bot Enabled: No
Author :  Angel Quinones
Email Address :
Web Site :
Map Details:	BRUSH COUNT = 16,872
System:		AMD XP-2400, 1 GB RAM, GeForce, 120 GB HD Space

Beta Testing:	ATHALON 1GHz, 320MB RAM, GeForce, 120 GB HD Space
		PIII XEON 800MHZ, 320MB RAM, GeForce, 30 GB HD Space

This simulated mission is based on the classified assault scenario of the infiltration of the asteroid moon, ZETA OMICRON 3:


Starfleet Long range sensor stations have detected an increase of tetryon radiation emanating from Sector 481. Subsequent missions to that region have determined that experiments in space folding technology have been taking place on an asteroid moon of the Zeta Omicron system by an unknown species. Minor incursions into this system have detected a generator capable of creating a field large enough for a starship to pass through. This poses a severe threat to the security of the quadrant, and to the Federation as a whole.

Scans of the field generator area have detected the presence of an extended base beneath the surface of the asteroid moon.  The surface base of the generator is heavily shielded, despite the generators simple structural composition.

An assault force was assembled by the Black Operations Division to infiltrate, and destroy the field generator. This assault force will infiltrate the structure via a seldom-used landing platform on the far side of the moon.


BOD_ASSAULT is my official return to mapping. I actually considered retiring my RADIANT program after FEAR 2.0. But with the tons of email I get about my maps, I decided to hold true to those people that appreciate my map work. This map is for you people.

This map is completely new. No PART TWO of anything I already have out there online. My clan decided to mess around with SPECIALTIES. Although the gametype was fun, I didn't really see the point of having heavy gunners, medics, and technicians running around with nothing really to do except frag each other. I decided to create a map that would give SPECIALTIES an actual goal. Here's how it's gonna work... (If you guys want... ;) ....):

Red Team starts in the Troop Transport Shuttle. The idea is to break into the underground, and find your way to the master control transport room. Once there, you can beam back up to the surface and attack the Blue Team's generator.

Blue Team starts in the main cargo bunker on the surface. The idea is to keep red from destroying the blue team generator. So, Blue team will want to go to the underground level and ambush the Red Team before they get a chance to get to their side and do damage to the generator.

Also, Red Team must protect their way back to the Federation. The Blue Team has the ability to destroy the shuttle if given the chance. Red Team must also protect their troop transport.

So, Blue Team must protect their Generator, while Red Team protects their shuttle. Both Teams should be on assault, attacking the other team.

Game ends when the generator OR the Federation Troop Transport is destroyed. Then, your teams can switch if you like... ;)

There are plenty of TEAM SPECIFIC items in the map, such as transporters and special doors that will only be activated by one team. For example, the Blue Team generator will take no damage from Blue Team members, and the Troop Transport will take no damage from Red Team. But the generator and the Troop Transport can be destroyed by the opposing team. Some doors will only be accessible to either Red or Blue Team. And, there are no TEAM start points in the underground area, so both teams will have to find their way around.

There are also doors that have to be blasted open. So, if you have a demolitionist on your team, keep him near by to blow a door with a detpack or something.

If you guys don't want to mess with the generator/shuttle idea, CTF mode is also built into the map, so the map has multiple modes of play.

There's allot of eye candy in BOD_ASSAULT and a secret or two along the way... ;) This is also my first time messing with TERRAIN, so I hope you guys like the bumpy ride on the moons surface... hehehe...

This map is predominantly designed for SPECIALTIES. But it works great as a DEATHMATCH or even better as a TEAM DM. It's also CTF Enabled. It runs really nice with the Excessive Overkill Mod, and is made for SPECIALTIES. I think it makes a nice edition to the BOD arsenal of maps.

BOT Comment :

I did not include the *.aas file in this map due to the sheer size of the map. As always, my map is HUGE. Meant for more then 30 Players. This map is simply way too big for them.

Map details include:

 • Huge underground playing field. With allot of cool stuff.
There's just way too much to list here. You really have to explore this map to see it all... ;)
 • Base Entrance including the Troop Transport Shuttle which can be destroyed by Blue Team Only
 • Base End including the Space-Fold Generator which can be destroyed by Red Team Only
 • Secret Rooms and Messages (Don't ask me how many... I'm not tellin... lol!)
 • Base Complex including watch towers and sniping positions.
 • Transports and Jump pads all over the place.
(Jump pads require a bit of finesse to get to where you want to go... heheh)
 • Several secret rooms and messages. (Find them all.. LOL!)
 • Specialties, DM, Team, Tourney, and CTF Enabled
 • Every Weapon included in this map. You'll just have to work to find them all... ;)

Minimum system requirements

To Play This map you will need a computer consisting of:

• Windows or Mac OS
• Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force v.1.2
• 15 to 20 MB of Hard Drive Space
• OpenGL Video Graphics Card (GeForce 2 or better recommended)
• 800 MHz Processor (Recommended)
• At least 128 MB of Ram (Recommended)

To run this map Server Side, you will need a computer consisting of:

• Windows or Mac OS
• Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force v.1.2
• 15 to 20 MB of Hard Drive Space
• OpenGL Video Graphics Card (GeForce 2 or better recommended)
• 800 MHz Processor (Recommended)
• RCON Access
• COM_HUNKMEGS Setting of 100 or Better
• COM_ZONEMEGS Setting of 100 or Better
• High bandwidth capable connection

If you get an error that reads...

"Hunk_AllocTemp failed on 262152 with 236264 free.set com_Hunkmegs to 48 to fix"

...This is not a map bug. Elite force is simply telling you that you do not have enough available memory to run this particular map. This map is Huge! Try to close all open programs, then take your available memory, and tell Elite Force to use half of it for the game.

Com_hunkmegs is the variable that adjusts the amount for available memory for the game. If you have 128MB of ram, try setting EF memory to 64MB like this...

- At the menu, bring down the console by hitting the "~" key. Then type "/com_hunkmegs 64". Depending on how much memory you have in your system you can up the 64 number. If you have 256 MB ram, you can make that number 128, which will allocate 128 MB of ram for the game.

By the way, reset EF when you change this setting. Type in the new memory settings, then quit the program through the menu system, so EF can write the new setting to the *.cfg file. When you start EF again, it will be using the new memory setting. 

I would assume that some systems may not be able to run this map, due to the sheer size of the visual field. However, if you play with the memory settings, you should be just fine.
More maps at our Web Site:

Special thanks too:

	 Madeline: My wife. I love you.
	 Heath Coop: AKA ||BOD||TEKLORD - Alpha tester.
	 Yanick Crispin: AKA [BOD]LUKE SKYWALKER - Alpha tester.
	 Justin Smith: AKA [BOD]DRAGON - Alpha tester.
	 Jason McManus: AKA ||BOD||RYKER - Alpha tester.

	 Trek Connection:

	 The Wadfather:

	 Elite Force Clans:
		See Stealth... I do dig you.. LOL!!!

	 Some textures and shaders provided by Yves Allaire. Thank you Yves. You helped me solve a few problems.. hehe

The entire personnel staff at The BOD Clan - The Black Operations Division :

And all my new fans.

And if your over 21, apply to join BOD Clan!

Thank you all. Enjoy the map!

Installation Instructions:
	1 ) Extract bod_assault.pk3 into your eliteforce/baseEF/ directory.
	2 ) Start Elite Force.
	3 ) Map will be accessible from the menu.


This map, bod_assault.pk3, is (c) 2003 to present by Angel Quinones. You are not to allowed to include or distribute this map in any sort of commercial product without first obtaining permission from the author, Angel Quinones. You may not mass distribute this level via any non-electronic means, including but not limited to compact disks, and floppy disks, and web sites, without first obtaining permission from the author, Angel Quinones.

All rights reserved by the level designer, Angel Quinones.

This map, complete in it's entirety, is the property of Angel Quinones. All graphics and sounds in this map designed and engineered by Angel Quinones of Modern Day Concepts, Inc. All graphics in this map are the property of Angel Quinones. This map produced to portray a purely fictional environment. Any likeness or similarity to any other location, or map, or artwork, regardless of its format, is completely and purely coincidental...

The BOD Site,, all Java and applets, security virus applications, HTML coding (which includes Java Scripts), images, data, text, information, photographs, graphics, video, messages or other materials ("Content") within The BOD Site, Copyright ©MM to present by Modern Day Concepts, Inc.. All Java and applets, security virus applications, HTML coding (which includes Java Scripts), images, data, text, information, photographs, graphics, video, messages or other materials ("Content"), publicly posted or privately transmitted on or from The BOD Site, are the sole responsibility of Modern Day Concepts, Inc., from which such Content originated. You are prohibited, by law, from using any Java and applets, security virus applications, HTML coding (which includes Java Scripts), images, data, text, information, photographs, graphics, video, messages or other materials ("Content") originating from The BOD Site on or in another web site or home page without written permission from Modern Day Concepts, Inc., who is the sole owner of said content. Violation of this protocol can, or will result in prosecution to the fullest extent of the law. Modern Day Concepts, Inc. reserves the right at any time and from time to time to modify or discontinue, temporarily or permanently, the access to The BOD Site (or any part thereof) with or without notice. You agree that Modern Day Concepts, Inc. shall not be liable to you or to any third party for any modification, suspension or discontinuance of the access to The BOD Site. Recognizing the global nature of the Internet, by reading this notice, you agree to comply with all local rules regarding online conduct. Specifically, you agree to comply with all applicable laws regarding the transmission of technical data exported from the United States or the country in which you reside.

And yes, I have a lawyer!!!

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