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The latest Bomb Diffusion build. Bomb diffusion is a very cool mod, it is best explained by the title itself. Two teams battle for the one b...


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The latest Bomb Diffusion build. Bomb diffusion is a very cool mod, it is best explained by the title itself. Two teams battle for the one bomb, and try to make it explode in the enemy base. However, once the bomb has been placed, the other team has 10 seconds to disarm it before it explodes, killing everything near it (and giving the team that placed it, 1 team point).

The bomb carrier is vunerable like a flag carrier since everyone can see who it is (he has a green radiating glow). If the bomb carrier is killed, the bomb will drop where he was. The CTF flags have been replaced by the bomb bases (this is where you must arm the bombs).

The physics of the bomb itself are quite fantastic! It can be shot across the map using your weapons, go through transporters, or bounce off jumppads! Even the detpack shockwave affects it!

This mod works for any Capture the Flag map and it is completely server sides which means no client downloading is requires in order to play on the server. Mappers wanting to map for this fabulous mod need to include the bomb coordinates in the .arena file for their map. The readme explains how to do this very well. Alternatively, server admins can specify all the origins for the bomb in one bomborigins.cfg (included - with 44 maps already inside). To check what co-ordinates you are at in any map, type "/viewpos" (without quotes) into your console. This will output the X, Y and Z co-ordinates inside brackets and the angle you are facing.

This mod also fixes many other bugs in the source code, such as detpacks blowing up in the wrong place, and forcefields being the wrong height.

For the server admin, many server variables have been added to allow control over the gameplay, check them out: g_bombExplodeTime - Sets how long the bomb takes to explode after being placed. (default 5 seconds) g_bombOriginFixed - Sets whether the bomb will float in the air where it spawns, or drop to the floor. (default fixed) g_autoArm - Sets whether players must hold their +use button to arm the bomb, or not. (default auto) g_allItemPlaceHolders - Sets whether all items will show placeholders when taken. (default yes) g_dropHoldables - Allows holdables to drop from killed players instead of vanishing. (default yes) g_dropPowerups - Set to 0 if you do not want powerups to drop from players. (default yes) g_fixDetpackOrigin - Set to 1 to fix the detpack from blowing up in the wrong place. (default yes) g_fixForceFieldHeight - Set to 1 to fix the force field's height. (default yes) g_fixHypo - Set to 1 to stop players being able to teamkill with the hypospray. (default yes) g_bombArmTime - Sets how long players must stand on the enemy base before the bomb arms. (default 1 second) g_bombDisarmTime - Sets how long players must stand on their base before the bomb disarms. (default 1 second) g_bombMass - This controls how heavy the bomb is (and therefore how easy it is to knock it about). (default 65) g_disarmEnemyBase - This setting allows players to disarm the bomb from the enemy's base. (default no)

g_music - This allows you to specify a background music track. (default nothing)

The zip file includes a cfg with all these settings set to optimal values.

Enough said, this is a great mod, so install it on your server now! (speaking of which, the mod is completely server side so clients need not download it to play).

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Copyright (C) 2005, =)^(=

Bomb Diffusion Overview
Bomb Diffusion is a server-side teamplay modification for ST:V HM v1.20.  Two teams
battle for possession of the single bomb.  Teams score by arming the bomb at the
enemy base to destroy it.  Clients must bind +use if they wish to launch the bomb
(and to arm/disarm the bomb if autoarm is disabled).  Since Bomb Diffusion is coded
in virtual machine bytecode, it is compatible with any platform that runs ST:V
HM v1.20.

Extract the zip file along with the directory structure to the folder containing "baseEF",
(usually the "Star Trek Voyager Elite Force" folder), you should then have a "BombDiffusion"
folder inside the STVEF folder, which contains the files listed below.

'*' represents the contents of the fs_basepath cvar,
"C:\Program Files\Raven\Star Trek Voyager Elite Force" by default.

-This file contains the bytecode for Bomb Diffusion

-This is the primary configuration file for servers

-This is the file used to define the bomb origin for maps without origins set in
its .arena file, however you can also adjust the following cvars:
g_bombOriginX, g_bombOriginY and g_bombOriginZ

-This file

-This is a sample shell script for running a Bomb Diffusion server which can be edited
in any standard text editor (ie. Notepad)

How To Run A Bomb Diffusion Server
Run ST:V HM with the following command-line parameters:
+set fs_game BombDiffusion +set dedicated 2 +exec bd.cfg
OR (In Windows only):
Double click RunServer.bat

How To Configure Additional Maps
Every map must have a specific set of coordinates for the Bomb to initially
spawn.  Conventionally this burden belongs to the map designer.  Since Bomb Diffusion
supports all CTF maps, these coordinates must be explicitly configured in the
bomborigins.cfg file. Many maps' coordinates have already been configured in this file
and you can add more whenever you wish.
However, mappers should place their bomb origin coordinates inside the .arena file
belonging their map. An example of an arena file is:

map "bd_reflexion"
bots "Chakotay seven doctor"
longname "Reflexion Station"
longname_deutsch "Reflexion-Station"
longname_francais "Reflexion Station"
fraglimit 10
type "single ffa team ctf tourney "
recommended "8"
bomboriginx "5"
bomboriginy "0"
bomboriginz "100"

How To Design Maps For Bomb Diffusion
Bomb Diffusion bases will automatically replace all CTF flags.  The bases occupy an area
of 70 square map units and are 5 units in height.  The Bomb itself occupies an area of
24 square map units and is 36 units in height.  Place the bomb origin coordinates inside
the .arena file (as shown above).

Bomb Diffusion Version History
000 Beta - Restricted BETA
001      - First release build
002	 - Second release build
	 - Detpack origin on movers fixed
	 - Podium taunting fixed
	 - Other misc bugs fixed
003	 - No item pickup while lagged fixed
004	 - Item pickup spam fixed
005	 - Flag returning when following spec changes teams fixed

Special Thanks
Destroyer - BETA Testing
Gez - BETA Testing/Coding/Ideas/Screenshots
MacGyver - BETA Testing
Merlin - BETA Testing/Code Suggestions/Ideas
Peace - BETA Testing/Screenshots/Website
True Captain - BETA Testing/Ideas
Worf - BETA Testing


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