Borg Mission 1



Well, another file from Freak Fish today, and another single player mission, this time, Borg Mission 1 where, as Munro, you beam onto a Borg installation to perform a mission! What mission I hear you ask? Well, much like Freak Fish's last SP outing, I ain't got a clue. You beam in, shoot some Borg, and... then the classic ending: "It was only a simulation" and you find yourself in one of the original story-mode levels. Very odd.

As for the mission itself, the map has been adapted from one of the stock HM Borg levels, although the lighting its truly appalling. Nevermind that, though! You get to kill Borg! Yay! The first spawn point is a little odd, I found, as you have to jump very carefully to avoid falling down a whole floor, taking damage. From then on, the positioning of the Borg beam-in points was well made, and they are in just the right number per encounter, although the drones that beam into the upper level walk towards you and not seeing the gap between walkways, they simply drop onto the group, which I thought was terribly amusing. You begin with only a phaser (which the drones have already adapted to), and a compression rifle. If you can, I'd recommend using secondary fire and using it sparingly. There is an I-MOD hanging around on the upper level of the main chamber, and once you have that, you are sorted. Kill around 25 of the drones and you win! Hurrah!

All in all, a good HM map adaption. Am I the only one that is freaked out by the original Borg...?

~ Luke20 (The Tenth Doctor)



Borgmission1 Readme

This is a single player map for Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force

To install, put the .pk3 file in your BaseEF folder. Then, open
SINGLE PLAYER elite force and open console by pressing the ` button.
In console type:

map borgmission1

This is isnt really a mission, more of a shoot em up for when you want
to blast some borg without any players to get in the way and assimilate you.
The map is hm_borg2, converted for single player fun. The only objective is kill.
Once youve killed about 26 borg, the mission will end. The borg spawn by
triggers set around the map, and will try to assimilate you as they should :)
This is a low compile version, so the special lighting is virtually 0. Everything
looks like it just came out the ikea box, but its nice and bright so you know what
your shooting at and whats trying to assimilate you. These borg are just like the
real thing, except a lot dumber. They will come to assimilate you and adapt to your
weapons, (imod is on the map, so dont panic :D) but they wont do anything sneaky
like teleporting you into a cage :P

i hope you enjoy it, more things like this will be coming soon, and i may compile
a version with all the origional lighting to give it more atmosphere if its
popular enough :D blast borg to your hearts content, contact me here:

[email protected]

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