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With so many weapon mods around it is hard to choose the best one. This new Borg Weapons mod by PiperTheGreat may persuade you to use his. N...


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With so many weapon mods around it is hard to choose the best one. This new Borg Weapons mod by PiperTheGreat may persuade you to use his. Not only the weapons have been changed, the bootscreen has been replaced by a borg one with the appropriate sound accompanying it. Like this isn't enough, the loading screen has undergone a facelift aswell. Text and the good ol' hazard team logo have been replaced by something better and newer. In game, most of the regular weapons have been transformed into Borg weapon with Borg designations. Just like any good weapons mod, the weapons effects have been played with aswell and it hasn't gotten worse because of it, on the contrairy, the new sounds and effects are very cool and give just that little bit extra to the Borg feeling. Most of the weapon ammo have been replaced with a new model, so have the hyposprays and I have to admit, the new hyposprays look very stunning. The weapon listing on the main menu can be used to quickly explore the new weapons. Follow the instructions in the readme on how to install this wicked mod.

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Author: PiperTheGreat (UK)
Mod Name: Borg Weapons
File: pakBorgWeapons.pk3
E-mail Address: [email protected]
Description: Selection of Borg like weapons, powerups and other items
Programs used: Pant Shop Pro 8.1, Notepad, Cool Edit 2000, Milkshape 3D 1.7c
Total Build Time: Approx. 1 month
New SFX: Yes
New GFX: Yes

Welcome to my Borg Weapons mod! There are 6 new weapons, which consist of the Borg Stunner, (Weapon 1), Borg Taser, (Weapon 2), Borg Weapon (Weapon 4), Viral Assimilator, (Weapon 5), Borg Energy Cannon (Weapon 8), and last, but by no means least, the Borg Welder, (Weapon 9). Weapon 1, 2, 4, and 5 come from existing weapons, (Weapon 1 was made from the borg drill), but weapon 8 and 9, were new. They were made from bits of the imod, photon burst, and borg weapon. There are also loads of new powerups, as well as lots of new sound effects for weapons and such. Lots of labels have been changed along with single-player library, and other stuff. Just play with it for a while, and find out all the features.

To make it work, all you need to do is unzip to your BaseEF folder, and play straight away.

Raven, for making the most fantastic game ever! My hat off to you guys!

Other Stuff:
Please E-mail me to find out what you think, and if you have any suggestions.

If you will, please don't use my weapons or parts of them in a mod without asking me first. I don't want my work to be plagiarised. Give me a mention if you do.

There are no known bugs here, but if there are, tell me.

If My mod wrecks your computer and/or Elite Force, then I will not be held responsible. If it worked on my PC, then it should work on yours, and it would be you fault anyway if you didn't have proper virus protection. If you use it in the proper manner then you will achieve the proper results.

Thanks for checking them out!  ;)


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