Bs1's Holywar

Holy War is one of those maps that are full of suprises and atmosphere. It doesn't exactly give a realistic feeling, but that's what I lo...


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Holy War is one of those maps that are full of suprises and atmosphere. It doesn't exactly give a realistic feeling, but that's what I love about it. It seems like a one of those fantasy/spooky maps :D There are a number of secrets and they're not exactly the easiest to find. Sure, you might know where their entrances lie, but opening those doors are a puzzle on their own! It's quite cool actually, took me a long time to figure a few out.. ingenious ideas ;) I love the sounds used in the map. So approriate, and completely add to the locations where they are used. The use of the map models are quite cool too, and some of them serve more than the purpose of looking good *wink wink*

My only gripe is that there are some really long distances to get through between bases.. it might be a bit boring taking those minutes to walk around. But atleast straight, boring corridors were avoided!

Overall, definitely a map to check out! I think you might enjoy trying to figure out those puzzles :)

Bot Support: No New Textures: Yes New Models: Yes New Sounds: Yes

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Name of map:		 Bs1's Holywar       Date of release:	  April 26, 2003
Author:	        	  Michael "Blacksmith1" Peters 


Web site:                 Several but the one with the maps is:                                
Description:              An ancient temple, an even older battle, good vs. evil.

Installation		: Extract the Pk3 file into your baseEF folder.
			  Then, run it through the menu in-game.  Look for Bs1's Holywar 
                            or type \map bs1_holywar in the console.                                 
Level Information       Final release 

Level Name              : Bs1's Holywar
Single Player           : Yes, if playing through holomatch. There is no bot support, the map will not allow it.
Deathmatch 		: yes
Team Deathmatch         : yes
CTF                     : yes
Difficulty Settings     : ?
New Sounds              : Yes
New Graphics		: Yes, Most from Rorshach's Journal (search for it, He's got alot of cool stuff), 
                                   Fires(and the fire shaders) from Stukk@tto, 
                                  the purple water,and the sky box are mine. (feel free to use them if you like,
                                   just stick me in your readme)
Comments                : Thanks to the people at the official Raven UBB for their help.
Custom models           : Several ;
                                       Ruilaanh Guard:  by Jeffrey R Chaplin (a.k.a. 'CASE') 
                                      Angel: by Tamara "Ophelia" Crossley
                                      Vehementi, and The Grimoire Confligere by Barry Collins
                                      All availible on the W.W.W.
Beta testers            : Capt. Max Ames, Prysmatic, and myself

Time of construction: about  60 hrs. lots of "Ohh, let me try this."		

Compile time:	 about 50 mins. on Athlon 1.33 gig, 256mb ram

Done with gtk 1.2.11 and Q3map2 from Yadnar.

other editors: Gold Wave, Sound Forge 4.0, windows Sound recorder,
                          Adobe Photoshop 6.0,  EditPad Classic (this readme) 

Known bugs or problems:		None, please e-mail me if you find any!


If you wish to base your map on this one, please get my permission first. 
If you distribute this PK3 make sure this read-me file is with it.
I take no responibility for any errors it makes on your computer, install at your own risk!

This readme has been modified from one that came with CTF-Crossfire by KevinUK.
 Layout plagrized pretty much in whole.

Thanks to:
  U.S.S Speed for help with shaders.
 Stukkatto for help on a bunch of other stuff.
 Max Ames for his encoragement to see this thru.
Prysmatic for the custom textures for another map which is not getting finished.
The guys on the Quake3world forums for some cool ideas.
To thank those of you who bother to read the readme. Shoot the weapons on the wall, and the statue's heads.
And try to keep it a secret. ;-) E-mail me if you find the lava, there's a way around it.
General thanks to the guys on the RavenSoft Elite Force Mod Community Board for their help and support.
and for making some bad days better by providing some much needed laughter (Again).
See ya for EF2 as this is my last map for EF.....unless I change my mind.

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