Bs1's Torture

Not a bad idea for a map. Big open areas in places to frag to your hearts content. This is Blacksmith1's First Map so keep it in mind :D. No...


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Not a bad idea for a map. Big open areas in places to frag to your hearts content. This is Blacksmith1's First Map so keep it in mind :D. Not bad for a first try, really big. Nice music, and I really like the place in the middle with the big pool of water that you can swim UP! That's a great idea and that room just seems so cool to me ;)

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My First realesed Map!!!! Yeaaaah! WOOHOOO!!! 

Name of map:		  bs1torture       Date of release:	  Monday, April 22, 2002
Author:	        	  Michael "Blacksmith1" Peters 

Email:	                  [email protected] (soon to change)

Web site:                 Several but the one with the maps is:                                
Description:              My first real HoloMatch Map. A deserted cargo bay with attached storage facility. 
                          When finished, the idea is you are here responding to a distress call. (I Didn't do the sound
                          files for this because the file is big enough as is. You need to kill every thing that moves!

Installation		: Extract the Pk3 file into your baseEF folder.
			  Then, run it through the menu in-game  Look for Torture                                 
Level Information       Final release 

Level Name              : Bs1's Torture
Single Player           : Yes, if playing through holomatch
Deathmatch 		: yes
Team Deathmatch         : yes
CTF                     : yes
Difficulty Settings     : ?
New Sounds              : Music! Turn up the music setting, turn down the effects setting, and turn up your speakers!
New Graphics		: Yes, several custom textures, some ripped from the Babylon 5 tour disk, 
                          the jumppad texture courtesy of HevenleeAngel, the rest done with PSP7, and PhotoShop 5.0
Comments                : Thanks to the people at the official Raven UBB for their help.
Custom models           : Several from;
                          Xcom- Bottles (I can't find the reade me which basicly said USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!), 
                          and EvilLair- (Accessory's Name : Wmlight Email Address : [email protected]
                                          URL: Model Author : Evil Lair Skin Author : Evil Lair
                                            [Accessory's description] A light map object for Quake 3 maps.
                                            [Editors Used] Photoshop 6,  Lightwave6.5, 3ds max3.1, PakRat and Q3ASE.         
                                            Accessory's Name    : Evil's wall light 
                                             Model Author : Evil Lair Skin Author : Evil Lair
                                             Convertion/skinmapping: HopLit ([email protected])
                                             Accessory's description : A wall light for Quake 3 maps.
                                             Additional Credits to : ID, HopLit

Beta testers            : Mixed 3.14, MadManFromMars, Fox, Gigon, George W. Carver, if I forgot someone I'm sorry, 
                          let me know and I'll get you in here. 

Time of construction: Far to Long (*&*%$#@ EFRadiant!)		

Compile time:	 Run time was 0 hours, 16 minutes and 39 seconds  on Athlon 1.33 gig, 256mb ram

Known bugs or problems:		None, please e-mail me if you find any!


If you wish to base your map on this one, please get my permission first. If you distribute this PK3 make sure this 
read-me file is with it.
I take no responibility for any errors it makes on your computer, install at your own risk!

This readme has been modified from one that came with CTF-Crossfire by KevinUK. Layout plagrized pretty much in whole.
SPECIAL THANKS to HeavenleeAngel for the use of her graphic. (It's on the Jumppad.)
Thanks to:
 Agent 007 for the bed in the officers quarters and help in maping techniques.
 David Ross for the bunk beds And the Toilet.
 SPECIAL THANKS to wolf359 for fixing the toilet. 
 And to KoDoS for turning up the volume of the .mp3 for me.
 MiXeD_3.14 and Gigon for beta testing the first release.
 Xcom for his Models and help with Shaders and the how to for alpha channels.
 U.S.S Speed for help with shaders.
 Stukkatto for help a bunch of other stuff.
 Emceedeus for giving me the key to the straight jacket and generaly trying to help everywhere he can. He's trying, 
  VERY  trying.
General thanks to the guys on the RavenSoft Elite Force Mod Community Board for their help and support.
and for making some bad days better by providing some much needed laughter.
I'm not gonna thank the game makers and all cause they got money instead. If they give it back I'll thank them profusely.

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