Here is a conversion of the Q3 model Bug from the movie Starship Troopers. This is an extremely detailed model, which will tax some lower end computers.

Original Creators: Paul Hassett, Eamon "Redlemons" Mitchell (skins) Converted By: Eric2534

Bot Support: Yes CTF Support: Yes New Sounds: Yes



December 15, 2001
Model Name:		Bug

Pack file:		md3_bug.pk3

Modeler:		Paul Hassett

EF Converter:		Eric2534

Skin Author:		Eamon "Redlemons" Mitchell
			[email protected]


CTF Skins:		Eamon "Redlemons" Mitchell
			[email protected]


Sounds:			Off the Internet. Probably from the Movie?

Animator: 		Paul Hassett

Email Addresses:	[email protected]
* Play Information *
Skins:			Yes
Bot support:		Yes
New Sounds:		Yes 
CTF Skins:		Yes 

* Construction *
Poly Count              : 1183 polys
Vert Count              : 1730  verts
Skin Count              : 5 Skins
Base                    : Original Model
Shaders			: Yes
Editor used             : MilkShape 1.58, gMax, Lithium UV Mapper, BotStudio, NPherno MD3 compiler, Paint Shop Pro
Known Bugs              : None Found
Build/Animation time    : 75 days, about 15~20 hours a week.



Bug inspired by Warrior Bugs from the famed movie StarShip Troopers, here how it came to being:

Apparenty the arachnids from a far off distant planet have discovered
how to pick up weapons and shoot making the War against Bugs versus Human Kind all that more violent and ruthless. You are now pitted against an even more ferocious alien foe........."Do you wanna live forever?!!"


Paul: Bug is a team effert. I'd go "nuts" if I did this all by myself:)

"Must" thank Redlemons for doing the hard work of 3 Bug skinners and giving it life, very appreciated..........thank god somebody did it, and very well:)

Must thank all those who critiqued and helped me at my pimp'n post at the messageboards at polycount.com

Redlemons: id Software and polycount (the usual). Paul for having faith in me and giving me the chance to skin the Bug, everyone who commented/critiqued the skins and Nick Cave for providing inspiration.


Bug was Modeled in MilkShape by process of Box Modeling. It was then UV Mapped in Lithium UV Mapper, and then animated in gMax.

Templates for skinning where exported from Lithium UV Mapper.

The key to exporting MD3 files from gMax is to copy all the plugins from Tempest (gMax associated software) and placing those plugins into the gMax plugins folder. You now have a MD3 importer/exporter for the gMax animation system.

Read the tutorials made for Pop'n Fresh to then determine how to export Q3 Player Models.

The sounds came from the internet. I'm assuming the source was the movie "StarShip Troopers"...........keep in mind this model is free and for non commercial use:)

That's it. Hope you enjoy, thanks.............

While I'm ho'n, might as well visit my previous works as well:


* Copyright / Permissions *

Doom(R), QUAKE(R) and QUAKE III Arena(R) are registered trademarks of id Software, Inc.

Please, if you use this model for a mod or any distributable file (including as a base), let me know first.

And always visit my website:

Maybe someday I'll update it or something.

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