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Nice looking map. You're surrounded by platforms so don't fall.

Technically this map supports bots, but from actually playing, I've discovered that they don't work very well here. Its certainly a good multiplayer map, just not a good sp one.




**********!!!!!!!!! CTF BYPASS !!!!!!!!!**********

Created By [SFI]Gez 

E-mail: [email protected]
Website: www.sfigez.tk

Welcome To CTF Bypass!
This is my second map ever based on ctf tricky transport (but so much better!!!)

>Installation Instructions<

Just Unzip To Your BaseEF directory.

You must have a use object key set up on elite force to use the teleporter consoles. To do this open Elite Force, go to configure, controls, attack/look,  and set a key to "Use Object"


I would strongly recommend you don't but it is possible to use bots on my map,
as its most likely that they will sit around in the same spot not doing much!

> Things About My Map <

File Type: Elite Force Map
File Name: Ctf_Bypass
Build Time: 1 Month

> Special Thanks <

I can't be bothered to list everyone but you know who you are ;)

As far as im aware my map hasn't got any virus' or data corruption software! However if you do encounter strange 
enities crawing around your screen, I accept no responsibility for damage or eaten up hard drives! 
You should always check any and all files you download with virus checking software.

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