Calico's Personal Barret M82

This mod replaces the Phaser Rifle with a Barret gun. Not only that, but it also replaces the rifle ammo pickups, sounds and gfx! Meaning th...


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This mod replaces the Phaser Rifle with a Barret gun. Not only that, but it also replaces the rifle ammo pickups, sounds and gfx! Meaning this is one very nice gun ;) The sounds are very crisp and seriously go a long way to making the gun... more gun-like :D There are other changes too! The holdable medkit has been replaced with some kind of record player, and the regen medkit uses the same texture and produces a rather cool result :D The sounds have been changed too! When you use the holdable medkit a kind of hard to describe sound is played (I don't know what to call it, but you'll understand what it is when you hear it ;)). At the last few seconds of the regen medkit, instead of that alarm that goes off a heart beat is there! Or, atleast what sounds like a heart beat :p There are a couple other changes too to the text of HM as well as the armor shards. Overall, wow :eek: A lot of content in this mod, definitely worth a download.

New Models: Yes New Sounds: Yes New Textures: Yes

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       Calico's Personal Barret M82

          DJ KryptiK aka 8of12


Name: Calico's Personal Barret M82

Type: New Model Type

Textures: New Skin

Description: This is a model of a Barret M82 anti-tank rifle. This particular one was made specifically for [NFO]Calico as a supprise. It replaces the Compression Rifle since he likes disintegration so much. I've redone the previous sounds I did, so that the gun now has a bolt action "reloading" sound after each fire. This is really meant for sniping/disintegration. The new sounds give the user a new level of confidence when he aims this solid rifle and watches his victim fly 60 feet backwards, seriously, or in this case, incinerate into a ball of fire. The fire of this rifle in realife is much, much louder. It will cause your heart to skip a beat. You think those subs at the car shows are powerful? Hahaha! You feel it in the ground, the air, your body: limbs, eyes, teeth, bones, and in your ears (5 hours later). I've beta tested this mod too many times! The [TDM] Clan were kind enough to put up with my strange talk about a mysterious Barret while I ran around aimlessly sniping at people, so I thank them for their patience and sanity, cause I lost mine!

Improvements: Some of you, well all of you including myself are unsatisfied with the fire FX so I made a brand new muzzle flash that looks very similar to a picture of a Barret firing. This is a big fash! And its bright too! Remember the default flash for the default guns is (in simple terms), a thin square brush ( or mesh) with a picture of an explosion on it. That's what you see when you fire a gun like the compression rifle or scavenger rifle. Its a bit more complicated but basically what I just described. Now what I did was make a big "star" shaped brush that replaces the little square defaut one. Plus I used a custom made "explosion" or texture to go on it. The result, is very nice. I'll be using it and similar made one's in future guns. Then I will go back and re-release the ones with the updated flash and possibly other goodies. ALSO, I didnt mention it in previous releases but your HM Main Menu has been edited to show the name of this weapon and a brief description below the rotating weapon. The default ammo powerup has been replaced with a Barret clip, and you might experience changes in your muliplayer text. This is because some of the material from this mod is from my DJ KryptiK's World Mod. -Enjoy!

Orional Model: New Model
Model Used: New Model

Total Verticies: 871
Total Triangles: 1630
Build Time: 1 day
Prep. Time: 3 days
Beta Testers: Myself ([NFO]JesterQ helped me also)

New Sounds: Yes (BOOM!!!)
New Textures: Yes
New EFX: No


Put the pk3 file in your baseEF folder like you would anyother map or skin. This mod will replace the prifle (Compression Rifle). The M82 is viewable from all menus showing the prifle, and all in game povs.


Just take it out of your baseEF and the weapon will return to default.

This model was made by me, for Calico, another seasoned weapons expert and owner. As always, feel free to use this in any projects of yours (nonprofit of course), but give me credit.

This mod/weapon model is not supported or aknologed by the Raven Software Company or any of its affiliates, lisencors, or partners. Use at your own risk. 

-DJ K. aka 8of12

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