Captain Proton Mod (Part 1 of 4)



and Starfleet Tournament fame has expanded on the official expansion pack's single Captain Proton mission, including some brand new missions complete with new weapons and enemies, a model of Proton's rocket ship and even small moments outside the holodeck on Voyager where you can listen to the likes of Tom Paris and Harry Kim discussing women. But who am I to describe this? Let us hear from the creator:

The Captain Proton Mod is a single-player modification for Raven's Star Trek Voyager Elite Force and the Elite Force Expansion Pack. It is based on the metafictional holonovel "The Adventures of Captain Proton" that was featured on various episodes of Star Trek Voyager, including "Night", "Thirty Days", "Bride of Chaotica", and "Shattered". The mod assumes that after Voyager returned to Earth, Tom Paris wrote various Captain Proton holonovels which were published by Broht & Forrester, the same company which published the EMH's opus "Photons Be Free" in the episode "Author, Author".The Captain Proton Mod includes several episodes that span multiple maps, each of them a separate chapter in the Captain Proton saga. Familiar characters seen on Star Trek Voyager appear, such as Dr. Chaotica, Queen Arachnia, Buster Kincaid, Constance Goodheart, Satan's Robot, Lonzak, and the President of Earth. There are many new characters as well, some friendly, some not so friendly. And there are lots of new models too, including rocket ships and weapons. Among the new weapons are the ray gun brandished by Lonzak and Chaotica's guards in "Bride of Chaotica", as well as a more accurate Proton gun than the one included in the Expansion Pack.The full mod contains five episodes. Additional episodes will be released later on from time to time as add-ons.

This mod is almost flawless, and in the black & white style of the fictional serialised science fiction epic. The mapping is quite good if a touch repetative, and certainly of Rojas' previous style. Not that this is a bad thing.Please note that you'll require the other three files for you to play this mod, but come on, faithful gamer, this isn't exactly something you can miss out on!~ Luke20 ("The Doctor").


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