Celestial Temple 2

This is an amazing map. Its a sequal to the original celestial temple. The map itself is great in size, the lighting is just right, and the...


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This is an amazing map. Its a sequal to the original celestial temple. The map itself is great in size, the lighting is just right, and the music litirally rocks!

The map comes with a DM version which is just one temple, this is great for some FFA, or Team Holomatch, but is mainly intended for assimilation games.

The ctf version for it, is intended for Capture the Flag games. This version comes with two temples, linked together in a U shaped path. You can get to the other base, by going under the water, or jumping over the wall.

The map also contains a few secrets, I wont tell you how to get to them, but you can get a clue for one of the secrets from the readme file ;). These secrets are well placed and extremely fun once you discover them

The one thing that bugged me about the map is, my FPS went to around 40 while playing the CTF version. Although playable, it would be nice if they fixed it up.

So, all in all, go on, download the map... right now, becuse its 100% pure fun, and is sure to be played in servers throughout the community!

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Download 'celestialtemple2.zip' (14.79MB)



((*FINAL RELEASE: 04/04/04*))


Thank you for downloading and playing our first joint project; Celestial Temple 2.
This map was based on a mad idea James Nukem had once while board outa his mind at collage
and looked out the window at Glocester Cathedrall in 2002. And as you can see development
has been on and off for some time, but finnaly we have finished it!

Included in this file are two copies of the map: "Celestial_Temple2", which is the Free for
all, Team Deathmatch and Assimilation version & "ctf_Celestial_Temple2", which is the Capture the
flag version. The noticeable differance being two bases in the CTF version.

*Map Story*

In a fight with the borg, the first Celestial Temple was lost, with renewed strength the
temple was rebuilt and the borg where pushed back. The bodies of those who lost thier lives
in the borg onslaught lie in the catacombs of the new temple in rememberance.



-> Game modes: Free for all, Team Deathmatch, Assimilation
-> Build Time: 6 months (on and off)
-> Complie Time: 7 mins, 3 secs
-> BSP Size: 10.1 MB

-> Game modes: Capture The Flag
-> Build Time: 1 day (Using the first map as a template)
-> Complie Time: 14 mins, 19 secs
-> BSP Size: 13.3 MB

Features: Many nifty serects, no devmapping to find them ;)
CTF Hints: There are many ways into the other base:
-> 1, Over the wall
-> 2, Under the wall
-> 3, Though the Catacombs

*Instilation Instructions*

Place the Celestial_Temple2.pk3 file into your Elite Force BaseEF folder and run the game,
Then either start a server and select the map from the list and your desired game mode
or bring down the console and type "map Celestial_Temple2" or "map ctf_Celestial_Temple2",
depending on which map you wish to play.



Mapping: James Nukem & Phenix
Star Gate Model: WadeV
Grave Textures: Simmo666
Elite Force: Raven and Activision
Star Trek: Gene Roddenbery
Holy Grail: God ;)



*Specal thanks*

EliteForceFiles for hosting it and the EF Community for their ongoing support of our maps.

*Known Bugs*

None at present, if anyone find any please let us know :)


*Legal stuff and Disclaimer*

All Trademarks belong to their respective owners, Startrek, activision, ef, Raven ect :P

You use this file at your own risk, neither James Nukem or Phenix take responsibility
for any damage done to your computer as a result of using this file, Its always good practice
to virus scan files once downloaded before being put on your system but this map should be fine :)

You may distribute this map so long as the readme file is kept with it and unchanged.
You may upload it to any site you wish for people to download and enjoy, and we would apreshiate
being droped a line about it if you do so we (James Nukem & Phenix) can keep track of things :)

Please feel free to upload and play this map on your servers, we cant wait to join you
in a game or two on it :).

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