Cestus 3

I haven't seen "Arena" (TOS), so I probably didn't get the full enjoyment out of this map, but I still really like it. Lots of cover and...


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I haven't seen "Arena" (TOS), so I probably didn't get the full enjoyment out of this map, but I still really like it. Lots of cover and some potential sniping points. The other players aren't your only worry, the Gorn are attacking from above. And last but certainly not least, a Justin Fisher sky box!

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Download 'cestus_3.zip' (6.28MB)

+                             +
+         CESTUS 3            +
+                             +
+     a TOS era map based on  +
+     the episode "Arena"     +

Unzip the cestus3.zip folder's contents into the 
C:\Program Files\Raven\Star Trek Voyager Elite Force\BaseEF 
directory (or wherever your BaseEF folder is located).

You can use either WinZip or WinRAR to do this.

Skybox created by Justin Fisher, converted for the Quake engine by 
The Mighty Pete (http://quake.stuff.gen.nz).

All other custom textures by me (Chief Armstrong), except for the main 
ground textures that were edited by Toonloon.  I looked up the UFP flag from TOS 
and found out that it had a blue background (not black) and FishDS9 hooked me up 
with the correct emblem for the UFP.

The tricorder model, engineer tool, and padd models were made by me.  

Sounds were taken from the Star Trek Original Series "Arena".

I tried to keep this thing as canon as possible.  All of the architecture
is based on what I've seen in the episode.  Sound placement is based on 
episode as well (e.g., When Kirk jumps into the bunker to launch a counter
attack at the Gorn, he grabs a grenade launcher from the inside of the 
bunker thing; so I put a grenade luancher inside the bunker and had the
sound play from the episode where he asks a crewmember where he should fire
the weapon.  Also, when the landing party finds a beat up Lt. inside a blown
up building, a redshirt "sees something" then gets vaporized.  The sound
plays at the approximate location of where the crewman was.)  Also (thanks to
FishDS9), the Gorn attack from above by dropping "mortar" shells onto the colony.
So look out for those shells!

Toonloon for testing the map and offering helpful advice.  He even let me use 
a Gorn bot to test the map out with for myself! Toonloon also fixed my ground
texture for me.  After he got done with them, they looked great!

FishDS9 for testing out the map and coming up with some cool suggestions.  The 
transporter room might not have happened if it weren't for him.  He also gets
credit for talking me into having grenades rain down from the sky and pointing me
in the right direction with my sound problem. He also helped me with the cool 
looking UFP flags by providing the images.  He also happens to be the officer in 
the photo on the Commodore's desk!

GrandNagus for telling me how to make the grenades rain down.

Jimmy Hale for the pointers on Photoshop, and helping make some better doors.

Everyone at the Ravensoft Mod forums for their help and answering my stupid 

Be sure to check out http://spacestationk7.eliteforce.com/ for all your TOS map needs!
Keep your eyes peeled for Toonloon's TOS aliens pak, (it might contain the Gorn
bot, which would be PERFECT for this map!)

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