Map made for the Raven Board mapping contest.

Great map. I love the chess pieces.


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Map made for the Raven Board mapping contest.

Great map. I love the chess pieces.

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This map is a Quite unusual stile of map but I gess all my maps are.
I wan'te to saprise you with somthing difrent than a flag becaus 
that would just be way to predictable and I am so sick of making flags!

My first atempt for the Contest =

When I first started the contest I had a new map under construuction 
so I yay I can use this and began rapidly woring on it. It was not 
the map that you see now it was a Starship called the U.S.S. Sniper
I had a lot of faun at the beging befor I ever compiled it It just 
grew and grow. It had 2 warp nisals that had flame coming out of 
the back of them that hur people *felt it gave it a nce tuch. It also
had it's own warp core that also herp people if thay got to close
to it it had a fancy raling around it and a control panal simeler 
to Vayagers. I had a bridge and stairs leading to a shutal bay with 
2 sutals from CTf_Awaymition a map that never got releced but had
snapshot of them so I spent a good 4 howers conpletly rebuilding
them from scrach. I also added doors to the ship that never opend 
and some Bathroomes 3 of them. I used all custem textures for almost 
evrything! I even had a cargobay and a holodect that I tried to have 
a plant aper in it but that never wored. I got the map to complecated
and finaly had to dispose of it :( It had some problems that were 
just conpletly unreparable like the sky it never worked it alwas 
absorbed imeges around it. The bots got stuck in weard places like
on a bunk bed in the Quorters or on a table in the mess hall. Some 
things just dident look right ether like my Replacto. It had more 
erors in it then my spelling eores in this So I round filed the map 
and took all my new fond skills and went to work on a new map

The Idea for Chess land =

I got the Idea when I was looking for somthing to do in My Constrution
class *I have it 3 of 5 clases aday* Then I realised a lot of people
were sand blasting glass and I throught of The Star Trec chess bord.
So I got to work and began cuting out a pece of glass to sand blast 
then It doned apon me that I could also make one in Elite Force I could
use it for the contest to. I decided I would race my self to see What 
Chess bord I could finish first.

It was an action packed advencher =

I started on the Real one first I got a 1 foot by 1 foot square cut and
I put some blue stick mat stuff on it and traced out my squares Then went 
home becaus school was over 

I began on my EF bord I started by making a Info player Dethmach
To make the Squares the right size then I set the Grid to 64 *I think* 
and made square and made it 8 high. Them I made the bord one square at a 
time and turned it all to the chalk texture. I hated the textures that 
came with EF so I made my own whait black and rim texture. I added the 
Textures to evry sepret squre (having sepret squres helpes a lot in this).
Then I made a wonderful cerved rim but I stumbeled acros a problem Radent 
EF had no way of making a cerved corner. So after a lot of frustration I 
Figerd out a way to bend the cerv and make a coner it wasent what I wanted
but it was the best I cood do. I left the bootem Chalk and compiled The map
It was a splended map I took a snapshot of it and it is now part of Imege
That is displed when loding the map. I noticed a problem with the Textures
thay were all the same and so Iselected evryoe sepretly and roted streched 
strwed evry one of them so thay are all difrent looking.

I got to school the next day and continued on my real one. I cut out all 
the litle squers and sandblasted the sucker. Reveling a butifal Glass 
chessbord all the normal dimetions but it was time to cut it and I did 
making 3 4 x 4 and  4 2 x 2 peaces. Then I lathed a peace of dark wood
into a fancy looking dowal much like the ones that hold up the small 
pillers in my EF one *both for the same perpus* but I goofed and made 
one 5 inches long insted of 4 so I had 2 good ones and a lonf one. I 
dident have anuf of that wood to make anuther one so I took it off the 
Lath cut off the 2 good peaces and made 2 more out of a lighter coloured 

On The EF one I took and cut up the bord thair to and put it into the 
apropret places. Then I made the botem for it out of the rim texture.
It looedd rilly dood so I kept it that way. I cuverd up all the botem
but ran acros that dang corner problem agen I first tred a square cap 
(thay don't come in tryangle) rotated it so it could fit right but that 
ovelaped with the botem and caus a funny line afect. so I made a grid 
one tryangle cap for it.

I went out and perchesed some Chess peaces and copper piping for the 
My bord. I Used a pipe cuter (my dad brought home from work for me)
to cut the peaces that would make my stand. I took them to school 
and asembled it thair with some frustration the web page whair I got
The idine paterns for it dident say what order to put them in. So I had
to cut some of the peaces to make them fit properly. I then began work 
on my bace I used to difrent types of wood for it a dark peac and a light
peace It took mean entire day to lath it (2 clses lathing 1 clas sanding)
I was quite anoyed at the fackt that people are so imacher that it was 
caled a Nipal so meny time I wanted to Scream! Then I soterd the Copper 
pipe together using an ocxeastalien torch. Gess what That got called 
a Pot pipe! Come on people have stones in thair heads! I Then put the 
coper to stand. My teacher then told me it now looked like a peace of art
that I could sell for milions to golable people. He He He I got a good 
laughf out of that.

Back at home I Tried to make a round arm but the dang cilenders would not 
Rotate! Grrrr I tred evrything including making a 9 sided peace but it had
to menny edges to drag so I was forced to setal for a square object. I made
the arem with a lot of frustration becaus EFradent made anoptical olition
making me think it was strched to much in some places and not auf in 
outhers. I continued on to the stand It was simple I used to big cones.
I also have a fog of death on the ground for thos that loose thair balence.

Back at school My teacher told me that it might look beter with thicker 
glass so I got to work can cut out all the peaces sepretly this time and 
sand blasted them. It was almost Christmas and I had to take my project 
home. It looked like the EF one was going to win...

I started making the Chess peaces in Ef Using a Info dethmach for the 
hight. I made the most spectaculer King Ever out of fog. I set the 
Properties so I had 3 gids insted of one but it had no Texture windo.
(to do this in EFRadent go edit/properties and you will see 4 boxes
in the top leftt hand corner select the one with 3 grids and one 3d)
Then I copied the body and began the Queen! The Queen had an intresting 
dip in her head and for me to replacate it I need a flat ringwith a hool
in it so I made a warp core ring and it was grouped !Crud! so with 
difacolty I removed the un wanted parts and made the Quenn Perfect! 
Well not quie But I loved it. I tried to group all of the peaces that 
made the queen and king for eser use later when I put it on bord. Well
needles to say the next time I oped the file evrything was gone! exsept
that dang Ring! *feel free to laughf at my stupidety* I don't know how 
I did it but when I tred to group it I killed it but I could still see
it untell I opend it agen :(  A wile pased and I tred to work on the main
part of my map but the camra moves to slow now evry 3 seconds it goes 
one space. So It looks like I hit a stail mate. 

I could not conpleat my EF one or my Real one. It couldent look any worce.
I wonder if I would ever reach the dead linen and it was still a few weeks 

Christmas cameand went and now I take a nuther look at my map and begin
to wonder what I can do So I sit down start a new map and remake the king 
and Queen this time little Queeny has not fancy dip in her hat it is 
rounded over. Go take a look it is rilly plan and boring. The other peaces 
comalong nicly I have problems like the slanted ring on the Bisheps head.
I used a triyangle insted and making the horse head. I also had a hard 
time making things round. In the end it worked well all the peaces look good.
I hope thay are acuret anouf for peoples liking. Thay are all smaller than 
a normal player. I don't want to intamdate them with a pon maby a kig.

All I have to do now for the real one is put it all to geter add velvet to the
botem of the chess peaces and paint the coper pipe.

have a Finised the EF one and it looks great I added some transporter pads Put 
the chess peases on to the map *thay were smaller than I throught thay would be
but I can't change them now* and added weapons armer other junk. ThenI compiled 
the map about a Hundred times and got rid of evry anoying little flaw. 

Conclution =

Now you know the intrecaces of making a map even one as simple as mine. It 
all so showes that reality has a lot of problems to so if you can bild somthing
in Reality you can do it in EF radent to. Just don't expect to run into the same
problesm in both thay are conpletly difrent.  

The hardet things to do in a map =

Transpoters- Making a transporter pad can be a very hard thing to do also that
anoying push the transpoter adds amkes it hard if you have a nuther transpoter
pad near the exit of anuther.

Light- Like can make or brake a map and in my case it will brake it!
Avode whait textures at all cost! I know this is ofen inposable espeshaly 
for me Becaus I make lots of flags and the hes bord well demands white
agen! Thge best solution is To make the light a mild orang when working 
with white.

Detailed objects- If you can't make them in Milke shape then you have 
the fun of using EF to do it and tust me thair are times you will want 
throw you moniter out the windo becaus thay are so hard. You need grid
one to do them and if you want to do round well 2 cones and a cilender 
works the best. When it comes to small overlaping is to be expeted so
don't wory if you have to evry peace that is makes up my chess peases 
are overlaping.

Chalk= This is somthing I don't know very well but I used it when ever 
I cood. Evry peace I made I made it chalk and just put the texture on 
the sides I used.

to contact me my E-mail is [email protected]

to see my other maps go here

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