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Arron_Dominion brings the next selection for you to download and enjoy. This map's origins come from this developer's High School, as this was a project that was requested by one of his friends. "I found out that I forgot to include the readme in the .zip, but there it is. Anyway, this is a map that has been sitting and I did the least possible to get it up and running, considering a dislike for those I went to HS with. Anyway, basically two clubs connected together through transporter transponder poles that I custom made."

The reason why the map filesize is large, is that there is a .mp3 included which is fairly large and created by his friend. ChessClub is an enjoyable download despite the lack of size and visuals, as this file has not been finished due to the developer having a bit of contempt for his school experience.

Refer to the readme for additional information.

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Download '' (5.29MB)

Readme File:
Filefront User Name: Arron_Dominion (and yes including the _)
Description: A map someone from High School requested.  At this time, I only made it semi-worthy for a match or two.  It is small, and includes the HS person's song that they made.  I will not finish it at all, so I will release it at the time that I release some of my .maps for those who want to edit.
>Extract contents
>>Open C: or drive with EF1
>>>Open Program Files
>>>>Open Raven
>>>>>Open Star Trek Voyager Elite Force
>>>>>>Open BaseEF
>>>>>>>Put the .pk3 in the BaseEF

To Run:
>type /map chessclub


This has been tested so any damage will not be my fault. Please don't sell or re-make this map without my consent.

Contact Info:
xfire = ajdominion
AIM = Arron Dominion
email =


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