Christmas City

Well this is a map for the christmas season, it's Christmas City and it's SNOWING, yes thats right, snow! Really gets you in the chri...


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Well this is a map for the christmas season, it's Christmas City and it's SNOWING, yes thats right, snow! Really gets you in the christmas spirit, especially with the music patch which will be uploaded in a moment. :)

Includes Bot Support.


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Download '' (5.82MB)

Christmas City by Mikey Carr (AKA Ensign Kim)

The Elite Force Controls consist of:
Forward using the arrow buttons
And Jump using X and Crouch using C
To shoot you use CTRL or ALT
*These don't work if you changed the conifguation

Christmas City
1-The Story
3-Online Play
5-File Info
1- The Story

Christmas City, is my city center at christmas time, you can call this the true sqeual to Wellgate. IT has real snow and it has many secret areas, like an abandonded train station, which i have always had a feeling that there is one since i was a little boy. You have a sneack peak at a map going to be released by Xtreme Gaming very soon. And you have many other things to do in the map

To Intall this Map. You take the PK3 file out of the ZIP file. There you place the file in BASEEF. Now you open up Holomatch and press the key left to 1,

¬`¦      in Uk
~        in USA

Then you type (Without Quotes) "map christmas",  this will load the map.
To add NPC or Enemys, Press ESC, then click ADD HC, then select the character you would wish to join.


You can goto SOLOMATCH>>>Create a match, then you select Christmas. The bots will be added alreay that way.

This is only a rough map of the city center but it does gets the ensance right, so please enjoy and please dont nitpick it please. :-), its a map for you to enjoy playing

3-Online Play
This map does support online play and there will be servers with this map up. Please join in and you may learn more of the map from others or even from me! Please enjoy.

This is a releitly small map, but there are so many things to do and so many areas to see. Also the sneak peak will be cool. So enjoy, There is a way to get on the balcony, away to get on top of the banner of MERRY XMAS, and a way to get in the window. There are breakables in this map so watch out and shoot everything! Also ladders are here but there are no sign of them so you will have to guess if there is a ladder, there are 2 of them, so watch out for them. 

ALSO , if you want to hear the greta music I have placed in this mpa, please do so, put you FX volume down and music volume up! So enjoy this map

5-File Info
This file is made by me, Mikey Carr or AKA Ensign Kim. It was made in EFRAD.
Compiling took
FullVis: 256 Seconds...

Textures used in this are only for this Map. But if you want to use them please email me,

Thanks to Simmo for support/Textures in sneak peak
Thanks to Commander Luke for the Christmas Tree
Thanks to Slade, Prouges and Mel and Kim, for the music...
Thanks to Particle Studio for snow... see web links
Thanks to Raven for Elite Force,
Thanks to Paramount for Voyager
Thanks to Ritual for making a EF2. 
Vist these sites,
Next Version,
Christmas 2003 maybe...

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