Colony 7 - Chapter 1

The Colony 7 Team has fixed up their first release of Chapter 1 with bug fixes, changes and updates! For those of you who played the very fi...


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The Colony 7 Team has fixed up their first release of Chapter 1 with bug fixes, changes and updates! For those of you who played the very first release you will definitely see the improvements here, for those who've never heard of this then here is an overview of what you can expect in this chapter:

You are Gordon Dufresne. You hold the rank of ensign in Starfleet and currently live in a remote Federation outpost on the 12th planet of the Hetlek star system. You have a rather boring job in the plasma conversion facility of Hetlek Station Alpha near the south pole.

Starfleet has created this facility and the other one on the planet - Hetlek Station Beta in the tropic part of the planet - nearly 100 years ago in order to constantly monitor the unique subscace singularities that are located near the Hetlek System and, more inofficially, to show presence near the Klingon Neutral Zone. Following the truce of Camp Khitomer the two facilities have been mostly demilitialized, but they still have very good defence capabilities consisting of powerful shields and a network of orbital phaser turrets. When you wake up, you think it will be a normal day for Gordon Dufresne, but you're wrong ... At the end of this day, nothing will be as before...


There is a walkthrough for this chapter available at the Colony 7 site - (in the 'Data' section)

Note: If you like, you can download Chapters 1 & 2 combined - (42.95 MB)

You can download the Chapter 1 Voice Patch here: [file]17843[/file]

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Download 'colony7-cpt1.exe' (24.27MB)

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                =/\= CHAPTER ONE =/\=

COLONY 7 is a singleplayer mod for Raven Software's "Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force".

*Introduction:   Colony7 - Chapter 1 is set a few years after the Dominion war. It takes place on a remote Federation outpost on a backwater planet near the Klingon neutral zone.
		You take control of Ensign Gordon Dufresne and help him survive the horrible events that unfold there. Along the way you encounter mysteries that make you 
		wonder if things are indeed as they seem.
*Important Notes: If you have installed previous versions of the 1st chapter uninstall them first before installing this program. 

		If you have downloaded the .zip version, you should extract the files into your EF directory. Usually the files should be extracted correctly, but if it doesn't work if the files
		are located like this:

			Your Elite Force Folder /	
				+ c7s.exe
				+ col7cpt1.bat
				+ Colony7 Chapter1 Readme.txt
				+ Colony7 /
					+  Col7Cpt1.pk3
					+  Col7Cpt1_sounds.pk3	
					+  Colony7_dat.pk3
					+  Colony7_models.pk3

		You can't start Colony7 with the 'Mods' button in the EF main menu. Instead you have to use the launcher program, the .bat files or follow the instructions below.
		(if you use a MAC)

		If you want to install Colony7 on a Mac do this:
			Open Elite Force (Singleplayer) while holding Shift. Now press "Command-O".
			A dialog called "Argument" appears. Write the following into it "+set fs_game Colony7 +devmap c7-1_1 +set sex male +set g_subtitles 1"
			(whitout the inverted commas). 

		We want to add voice overs to the mod so if you're interested in lending your voice to one or more of the characters, send an email to '[email protected]'

*Additional Notes

		This mod has been created with the GDK for STVEF kindly provided by Raven Software.

*Credits:	Mapping:			 	
		Master Shadow


		Icarus Scripting

		Jan Ovelgönne
		Master Shadow

		Master Shadow

		Sallie Sal

		Beta testing (new version)
		The cool people on our messageboard:
		Death Monkey
		...only to name a few.

		Beta testing (beta version)
		Bruce and Chris VP
		Patrick and Robin Folster


		Special thanks to
		Raven Software
*Legal stuff:	You may distribute this package, but you have to include this file. 
		If you want to put it on your website, don't forget a link to our

have a lot of fun!

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