Colony 7 Mod: Chapter 2 (ZIP)

This is the very last version of the Colony 7 Mod.

This file is chapter 2 in zip format.

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Colony7 Mod - ZIP Version Readme File
Hi Folks,

Thanks for downloading Colony7!

Please extract this file to your EF1 Install directory and NOT to a subfolder of that. Please keep the directory structure while doing so.

After that you can start C7 directly by double-clicking "c7s.exe". If "stvoy.exe" is NOT present in your Colony7 folder, it will be copied over by this launcher. You will recive a message, if either:

- EF is the original version and not at least version 1.10 or
- The value of "com_hunkmegs" is too low (below 64)!

In the first case Colony7 will NOT start until you update EF. In the second case the program will set the value to "64" and start Colony7. 

You can increase the value for "com_hunkmegs", if you like. But do not increase it beyond the half of your installed RAM or it won't work anymore. If you have 512MB of RAM, than the maximum value would be "256"!

Have fun!

The Colonists

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