This map is ctf_conquest by Black Hawk. It is a map based on the stylings from ctf_voy1 and ctf_voy2


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This map is ctf_conquest by Black Hawk. It is a map based on the stylings from ctf_voy1 and ctf_voy2

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		------ Mappers-Planet-Team ------

28/08/2001 - Version 1.0 - Final

Title                   : Conquest for Elite Force
Type of Game            : Capture the Flag, Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Tourney
Filename                : ctf_conquest.pk3
Maps			: ctf_conquest.bsp
Botsupport              : Fully Supported
Author                  : hx^Black Hawk
Email Address           :
Homepage		: -


1 ) Extract ctf_conquest.pk3 into your eliteforce/baseEF/ directory
2 ) Start Elite Force Holomatch
3 ) The Map will be accessable from the menu



- This map was build in the same style like voy1 or voy2 do have. The build time was not so long, therefore, do not think this map is sooooooo great. I hope you have fun and a nice fraggin Day :)


Known Bugs:

- You should disable Vertex Light if you have put it on. You can only see the full Power of scripts with Lightmap (the standard light) :)


Compile(r) Computer/Time:

- AMD Athlon(C) 1,333 GHZ, 256 MB DDR-RAM, Geforce2, HD 20GB, Guillemot Maxi Sound Fortissimo
- Compile Time: 4 min. with Fullvis


A Special Thank to:

- ... hx^Sir Moc, hx^Dr. Schnagel,  hx^Rippa, hx^Alpha, hx^PBreazer, hx^Darkangel, TDS|mc_sk and all the other peoples i have forgot :)
- ... my PC who was all the Time stable
- ... my brain... what would be without it? lol
- ... my English teacher, for this bad English ;)

Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

This map MAY NOT be decompiled and used as a base map for any other creation, without the written consent of the
original authors permission, nor shall any part of this zip be used for commercial gain.

However if you wish to distribute this map it must contain ALL the original files, that were present during the 
initial download, and must not be altered in any way shape or form.

"Star Trek","Voyager" are trademarks of Paramount pictures Inc ©2000.
"Elite force" is a trademark of Raven Software.
This map is copyright by

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