Court Martial Moon



His second RP map made for "Elite Roleplaying". It's a Federation outpost on a moon, which is designed specifically for court martials, trials, etc. Includes a brig, court room, jury meeting room, transporter room, a shuttle outside, and a ship in orbit. Very cool!

Does NOT have bot support. This map isn't intended for fragging.

Note: phase pistol not included. Screenshots by Captain Shuttle.



Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force MOD/map

Title: Court Martial Moon
Version: 1.0
Author: Captain's Shuttle Studios
E-Mail: [email protected]
Website: http://www.csstudios-captainshuttle.com

File Name: courtmartialmoon
File Size: Unknown
Date Released: Unknown
Type: Holomatch map/RPG

Description: My second RP map made for "Elite Roleplaying".  On a backwater planet in remote
federation space, a moon spins.  On that moon, a division of the UFP, named "ERP", has
built a base.  That base is made for Court Martials only.  Before the deacation of the base,
the Elite Roleplayers will explore their wonderful creation, and hold a severe Court Martial.

Comments: The Starship in orbit is half of one of Raven Software's map "ctf_kln1".  I would
like to thank them for making a wonderful game/map and so forth.

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