Well well, I was glad when I saw this file in the inbox. I for one loved goldeneye and had lots of fun playing it.

Luckily, this map live...


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Well well, I was glad when I saw this file in the inbox. I for one loved goldeneye and had lots of fun playing it.

Luckily, this map lived up to my expectations. Unfortunately there is no CTF, but that is to be expected since it would probably be biased to one team.

One thing I noticed almost straight away, is that it is possible to jump over the edge anywhere in the map (unlike goldeneye where you couldn't jump at all :p). This makes it very easy to jump from the top levels, down to lower ones. The weapons are placed quite far apart though, so perhaps this is a good thing.

The textures used are mostly unique and not that bad - I especially liked the shiny ones :). Although, like it says in the readme, the skybox isn't really canon, and it has obvious edges. So be on the lookout for a skybox patch in the future, and a music patch if we're lucky :).

Another thing mentioned already in the readme, is the scale of some parts of the map. You may notice some doors are larger, and some platforms are shorter, than they should be. I also noticed the ladder that would be used to finish the mission in goldeneye was in the centre of the room instead of to the right. There is also a slight gap at the top of the slopes, but again this has been accounted for in the readme already. I'm sure if you have ever mapped before, you can appriciate how difficult it would be to make it perfect though.

Gametypes: Free For All, Single Player, Tournament Bot Support: No New Shaders: Yes New Textures: Yes New Sounds: No New Models: No

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Download '' (4.66MB)

Extract ge_cradle.pk3 to your baseef folder. Select cradle from the ingame menu.
This map is an FFA/DM/1v1 MAP! IT HAS NO TEAM SUPPORT!

This is a remake of the map from the GoldenEye N64 Game. There are several inaccurate areas so don't bitch at me for it (For example, the framework is damn near impossible to get exactly the same ;) ) Plus it's a bit off scale.
This map was tested by the following people:

And ofcourse, myself.

The map took about a week or so of work.
Layout source was (The BEST GoldenEye site on the net, might I add.)
Skybox bug is pretty much what screwed up for me, I never was good at doing Skyboxes with terragen, so if someone out there is willing to achieve a cradle type skybox for me, then go for it. I'm going to try to redo the skybox and release a patch soon, also I might release a music patch. Special thanks to the following people.
Demon for working many hours on our site
The beta crew for pointing out several errors (Railing bug etc.)
ALSO! Don't even bother telling me about the little bug with the diagonal slopes. No matter what, they are ALWAYS like that with a little slant. Hell, even RareWare had that problem!

I am not responsible if this thing screws up your PC. I'm also not responsible because you forgot to virus scan it. ALSO, I give permission to two sites to host this file, if you wish to host it on your site PLEASE EMAIL ME FIRST!
These are the sites:
If you see this on another site please email me at gigabyte123(AT)gmail(DOT)com. 
STVEF © 1999-2006 Raven Software
GoldenEye © 1995 Eon Productions
GoldenEye THEGAME © RareWare and Nintendo

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