Here we have DuBois' second map.

It appears to be even smaller than the first :D. (Perhaps you should try it using the nano EF mod)



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Here we have DuBois' second map.

It appears to be even smaller than the first :D. (Perhaps you should try it using the nano EF mod)

It basically consists of 12 inter-connected square tunnels or 'crawlways' that make up a shape something like this: ____ ____ | |__| |__| | ____ | |__| |__| | ____

Please do not mock the amazing drawings ;) (just check the screenshots instead :p)

Weapons this time are as follows: -Phaser Compression Rifle -Scavenger Rifle -Stasis Weapon -Tetryon Pulse Disruptor

The Tetryon should prove useful since the alternate fire bounces off the walls of the tunnels.

Items include: -Portable Forcefield -Holographic Decoy

I found the Decoy especially hard to place in the lack of room.

The textures didn't seem that well placed as some of the edges were not aligned.

New Textures: No New Models: No New Music: No New Sounds: No Bot Support: Yes

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Download '' (78KB)

THE CRAWLWAYS -- By {SFEF}DuBois[R] -- "Making simple, but fun maps for your fragging pleasure."

Installation Instructions:
	Just unzip the pk3 file to your Star Trek Voyager Elite Force/BaseEF
folder and it should apear on the menu.  Note:  If you have lots of maps in your
BaseEF folder, then it might not show up.  Clear up old maps that you don't 
play anymore or hit ~ to bring down the console in-game and type /map corridor.

	Hello, and thanks for downloading my map.  This is my second map,
and I came up with the idea for this a long time ago.  It can become extremely
fun and addictive, especially when playing Action hero.  It is a set of 9 small 
rooms interconnected by crawlways that together make a square shape. Weapons 

-Phaser Compression Rifle
-Scavenger Rifle
-Stasis Weapon
-Tetryon Pulse Disruptor

Items include:

-Portable Forcefield
-Holographic Decoy

Technical Info:

Programs Used:  EFRadiant v1.0, bspc-gui v0.05  
Build Time:         Several hours, when getting rid of overlapping brushes
Compile Time:    A few minutes
Brushes:            150
Entities:             118
Textures:            3
Shaders:             2
Start Points:        9

Contact Info:

Name:                    Kenneth Anderson
Age:                       14
EF Tag:                  {SFEF}DuBois[R]
EFFiles Username:  SFEF_DuBois


	Map design is Copyright 2005 by Kenneth Anderson, {SFEF}DuBois[R]
              "Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force" is Copyright Paramount Pictures, Raven 
              Design, and Activision.

"Star Trek: Voyager" is based upon "Star Trek" by Gene Roddenberry (Thanks Gene)

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