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This is the first beta of the CStrike mode for EF. It has a few bugs, but is an excellent mod. Here's an in-depth look at it:

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This is the first beta of the CStrike mode for EF. It has a few bugs, but is an excellent mod. Here's an in-depth look at it:

There is only one map included, De_Dust, but you can have a lot of fun on it. The Blue team's goal is to defend the posts, which are located at, and near Blue's spawn point. The red team's goal is to take a bomb, place it at a post, and run like heck ;). You can't difuse bombs, so if Red gets a bomb at one, you will have to defeat all Red's before the bomb explodes to win.

You start with a Phaser and Compression rifle. There are two ways to get weapons: The first is to defeat an enemy and take their weapon (Duh), and the second is a Counter Strike port: If you press Esc, Go to Configure, Controls, then Reply, you'll see a "Buy Menu" at the bottom. Assign that to a key, then press it in-game to buy Weapons or Armor. It aint free though: Killing enemies gives you Points, and they are your "Currency"

There are some catches too (Good AND Bad...):

- Your Armor and Weapons are carried round to round

- If you die, you must stay out for the rest of the round and your weapons will be taken away, leaving you with a Phaser and Compression Rifle only.

This isn't the full mod, however. The team is planning Hostage and Assassination modes, as well as new maps. They will also release a tutorial on how to build maps that will be compatible with the mod.

All in All, this is one of the best EF mods I've ever played. It takes the depth of Counter Strike, the most played Game/Mod on the internet, and ports it to EF. My only complaint would be: "Why didn't someone think of this sooner?!?" :D


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Download 'beta1.zip' (1.72MB)

CStrike Mode – Beta 1


Table of Contents
III.Game Rules
IV.Copyright Information

---------------=====I. Introduction

           Thank you for downloading beta 1 of CStrike Mode for EF.  We hope you enjoy playing it as much as we enjoyed making it.  This mod adds many gameplay elements from the popular mod/game Counter-Strike to the Elite Force universe.

---------------=====II. Setup

          Run the included setup.exe.  Then go into Elite Force and from the mods menu choose Cstrike.  Once you're in go into the controls menu, there is a new option which needs to be set to a button.  Look in the reply submenu and underneath the option for Gesture there's a new one called Buy Menu, make sure it's set to a button.  Also, there's a bug which happened on one of our computers where the installation program would crash right after installing everything, don't worry about it, it crashes right after installing everything ^_^.  Also, the program apparantly exits right after the install if it doesn't crash, and it might not seem like it didn't install at all because it goes very quickly.  Don't worry, you should have a pak0.pk3 in a Raven/Star Trek Voyager Elite Force/cstrike folder.

---------------=====III. Game Rules

          Cstrike Mode is about teamwork, and lots of it.  You see, you only live once per round, you die and you get to wait in spectator for the next round (of course, the rounds aren't very long considering everyone dies pretty quickly.)  It's important to stick with your teammates when running around the map because your odds are far better with a buddy than all alone.
          Your score means almost nothing.  In Cstrike Mode your score is what you use instead of money to buy weapons, ammunition and armor.  You get two points for every person you kill.  You can get no more than 25 points.  You buy weapons by going into the buy menu and choosing the weapon you want.  Same think with ammo and armor.  The number next to a weapon is how many points you need to buy it.  For example, it costs 1 point to buy an i-mod and 6 points for a photon burst.  Once you make a selection if you have enough points you will be given what you have chosen and the necessary number of points will be subtracted from your score.
          Cstrike mode currently only has the Bomb scenario.  The red team (terrorists) must take a nearby bomb and plant it at a bomb zone.  The bomb zones are indicated by a fairly tall pole.  To plant the bomb a person with a bomb must be in contact with the pole.  After a bomb has been planted it will detonate in 30 seconds.  In order for the blue team to win at that point they must eliminate everyone on the red team.  If the bomb detonates the game ends and the red team wins, not only that but every member of the team gets 5 points at the start of the next round.  Also, if the red team eliminates the blue team after planting the bomb they get 5 points.

Some possible questions:

Q: The bomb doesn't seem to be planting, I'm touching the pole.
A: That happens.  Try moving around while staying in contact with the pole.  Also, don't be looking directly at the pole.

Q: There's a lot of EF maps in the map selection screen, does CStrike mode even come with new maps?
A: Yes, look in there and you'll see one called Bomb - Dust.  That's the one you want.  If you play any of the standard EF maps things will just play weird, no point in buying weapons since they're all over the level.

---------------=====IV. Copyright Information

This mod contains unlagged technology developed by Neil Toronto.

We will not be held responsible for any damage or loss of data as a result of the installation or use of the files located in this zip file. This mod MAY NOT be decompiled and used as a base mod for any other creation without the written consent of the original authors, nor shall any part of this zip be used for commercial gain. If you wish to distribute this mod it must contain ALL the original files that were present during the initial download, and must not be altered in any way, shape or form. It may be distributed in any form other than normal snail mail.

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