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In Sniper's boredom he is making maps per request (He is stuck for a week @ his PC :P) and here is CTF Akilo, a design made by {GP} Akilo,...


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In Sniper's boredom he is making maps per request (He is stuck for a week @ his PC :P) and here is CTF Akilo, a design made by {GP} Akilo, mapped by Sniper. It's delta station with a "twist". Look on the screenshot and you will know what I mean. The open space in the corner makes a very good sniper map. So prepare for desi games with this map, it will be a huge frag fest!

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Download 'ctf_akilo.zip' (1.39MB)

Akilo Station by {SFEF}Sniper

General Information:
Map Name: Ctf_akilo
Long Name:Akilo Station
Version: 1.0
New Textures: No
New Shaders: No
New Sounds: No
Bot Support: Yes
Homepage: www.sfefclan.com and www.sfefclan.de
Designed By: {GP}Akilo

Reason for making this:
Well I can't walk for like a week, so in my utter boredom I decided to make maps per request!!!

{GP}Akilo being the first to respond, he made a level design and I executed the idea.

He came by the idea of this, while studying tactics for his clan, he draw Voy1, he made a mistake in the shape and thought it would be cool to make a Kln1,voy1 and voy2 combo.

My map based on a mistake :|

Other Information:
Compile Time: A few minutes
Compile Machine: Doors 98(SE)Shitty Edition (just like all other versions), 1024 MB SDRAM, 1.53Ghz or something like that.
Mapping Time: 0.5-1 Hour totally
Mapping Mode: Scavenged from Voy1 and Voy2

Known Bugs:
None.. Wow short one!

Thanks to:
{SFEF}Johan for the Screenie
Captain BOS for uploading this file.
Ravensoft for the best Star Trek game ever!
Ritual for making the crappy MP sequel, which doesn't gets sold very well after all, so I don't need to use Uberradient in order to get more publicity :P (Uberradient sucks :P)(JUST MY HUMBLE 2 OPINIONS)

Legal Rubbis... Stuff:
Don't you dare to distribute this file without my permission which you won't get either way.
If you do this you're risking your life, and not just your life... I'm also tending to start torturing relatives lately :P
Also this readme file must be included and in the original ZIP File.

Also the following sites are allowed to publish my file on their sites if they want, all others will have to request my permission first.


That was about it I suppose


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