CTF Avendora

This map I, I think, is really good! The first thing you notice when the map starts is the music. Without the music, this map just isn't the...


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This map I, I think, is really good! The first thing you notice when the map starts is the music. Without the music, this map just isn't the same! This is probably the first time that I've seen the music actually compliment the map design and I think it's unique. The map might take a little while to get used to, as there are many doors and teleporters. It's got many nice effects, the one which I quite liked was the water... you have to see it to know what I'm talking about, but I like the way it goes with the music. You must check this map out!!! :D

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Download 'ctf_avendora.zip' (9.41MB)

CTF Avendora

--::> Installation:

To install this map, extract the ctf_frontier.pk3 file into your baseEF directory.  The location of baseEF will depend on where you installed Elite Force.

Typically, it would be here:
C:\Program Files\Raven\Star Trek Voyager Elite Force\baseEF

That's it!  Load up Elite Force, create a server and find the map in your list. Hopefully, the map will catch on and be available all over the place. =)

--::> Game Play:

This map is for 4 to 12 players and is good for all game types :)  There are lotts of cool rooms with two hidden...not going to give it away but will say this you'll prob. find them trying to hide behind something :)

--::> Special Thanks goes to:

DarkUFO and Greenhaus, for their music in this map.  For more GREAT music by these guys, please vist: www.mp3.com/darkufo

The creators of all the textures used in this map for their creativity and hard work:

Title                   : IK2K textures, 24bit (for Q3A & others) 
Date                    : 2/22/2001
Author                  : Iikka "Fingers" Keranen
                          (or Keränen if you like em dots better)
Email Address           : [email protected]
Home Page               : www.digital-eel.com/surface/

Mansion Texture Set v1.0

Author:		Crista Forest, aka "CD Warrior"
E-mail:		[email protected], [email protected]
Web Pages:	http://www.planetunreal.com/forest/

Pete Parisi for the Chronic and Meatpak textures

Title                   : textures from Meatpaks 1 and 2
PK3 Name                : t8dm5.pk3
Date			: 1 June, 2000
Author                  : Pete Parisi
Email Address           : [email protected]
Home Page		: http://www.badmeat.com

Graphtallica7 textures

[email protected] <[email protected]>

Medieval textures

Date:             2nd of February 2001.
file:             tp-medieval.zip
author:           Sock 
email:            [email protected]
URL:              http://www.planetquake.com/simland

Bubba's excellent tutorials and feedback!

Kay, Hay, and Curt
My three children for their game testing and wonderful comments :)
And last but not least my husband known as [SEA]Vorax for his input and encouragement! 

Hope I haven't missed anyone.  I really appreciate being able to use the music and textures in my map!  

--::> About Me:

This is my first map ever... Hope you like it and the game play is fun.  I'd love to hear any input on the map.  Please feel free to email me at:  [email protected]

Thanks a bunch for downloading!

- Tanya Pye

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