CTF Battletactic 2



Arron_Dominion brings us a new fixed version of his unique Battletactic 2 map!

Version 2 once again has a "nature" theme with a lot of grass, mud and trees. Each flag base is located within a compound of sorts that have a couple of buildings containing powerups and pretty much the entire compliment of weapons in one place! Both bases are overlooked by a bunker that would be perfect for snipers, whilst the thick concentrations of trees are useful for sneak attacks. There is a definite "stealth-ness" to this small map.

The footsteps problem appears to be sorted, so I don't hear much metal now, but the health pickups are still in short supply, however this didn't ruin the general gameplay.

Well worth a download. Again. :thumbsup:

~ Luke20 (The Tenth Doctor)



Readme File:
Filefront User Name: Arron_Dominion (and yes including the _)
Description: Quote from original readme, since applies here: "I wanted to have a map to train with group tactics. There are defenses as you probably will see soon."  This is another in the battletactic lineup, but it deals with a more naturistic scene.  There are trees that one can hide in, bushes to hide behind, pillbox like things, and a building seperate from campus for sniping.  There are some hidden additions, and some hidden pick-ups in those trees. I believe this version would be better for disintegration though, ctf disintegration at that.  There is now a version without the pillboxes and an error with the doorways were fixed. 
>Extract contents
>>Open C: or drive with EF1
>>>Open Program Files
>>>>Open Raven
>>>>>Open Star Trek Voyager Elite Force
>>>>>>Open BaseEF
>>>>>>>Put the .pk3 in the BaseEF

To Run:
>type /map ctf_battletactic2
>type /map ctf_battletactic2_withoutpill

Known Bug:
>the rock problem is fixed as full as possible so don't complain like a little pain in the rear about the rocks
None that I know of.  Contact me if there are.


This has been tested before so any damage will not be my fault. Please don't sell or re-make this map without my consent.


Thanks Elite Force for the stock textures and the models
Thank these beta testers:
>Brad Farrel
>Aaron (also known as {SFEF} Aaron awhile back) (also also known as [-GF-] Grim Reaper)
>Ronin (Army of Shadows , whatever you know him as)
>Nate Hopkins
>XeNeX (pointed out the error and gave idea for the version without pillboxes)

Thanks to these authors for prefabs:
>Zee: for the house-like buildings and the barracks looking one

Contact Info:
xfire = ajdominion
AIM = Arron Dominion
MSNM = [email protected]
email = [email protected]


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