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Bdoom is an updated version of Buildofdoom. The building is somewhat big and seeing as it's a bit complex it will require some time to get...


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File Description

Bdoom is an updated version of Buildofdoom. The building is somewhat big and seeing as it's a bit complex it will require some time to get to know where you are. All the corridors are a bit blocky and the walls are somewhat boring. A lot of weapons and powerups have been added, perhaps a bit too much. There are some secrets but they shouldn't be too hard to find. 6 vs 6 would be an ideal ammount of players for a map of this size. Some of the ladders were missing a few rungs.

The thing that struck me as awkward is the fact that each team has 2 flags. I mean, what is that about?

I did find quite a lot of overlapping brushes and some misaligned brushes but most of them are hardly noticeable to the untrained eye.

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CTF_Bdoom by Chilla-X & Wadada

Game Type:      FFA, Team FFA, CTF
Recommended:	2+ players
Bot Support:	Yes

This is a rather large map based upon a previous map I completed. The layout of the map is much bigger 
& there is added ctf support.
The Layout comprises an interior of a building with a lot of rooms & corridors. It is reasonably complex
so will take time to learn where everything is. At each end of the map are the Red & Blue bases, there 
are four flag points so make sure you find out where they are.
The map contains plenty of secret rooms/areas etc & a large deathtrap.
Because the map is big i'd recommend playing it with as many players as possible otherwise it could get 
quite lonely. There should be enough spawns for at least 24 players in an FFA & 32 players in CTF.


Stick Pk3 in your BaseEF folder, run from menu or console (map ctf_bdoom)

One but im not telling!

Around half an hour

Athlon XP3200, 1GB Ram, Radeon 9700pro (all overclocked)

Raven & ID for a wonderfull game & the Q3 engine.
<<Q>> & Oregano for mapping help.
Wadada for fantastic graphics & music loop.
Major Tork for ideas used in Complex-EF.
Maverick for the chainlinks.
Qkenny for the bathroom suite.
Elfinko for the ceiling light.
Bubba for the spotlights.
Kirk Barnes for the Nucleus Waste box. 
Anton fo the Tanker/Truck & computer.
{IS}Bael for the Military Truch.

email me - a_fatal_exception_has_occured@hotmail.com

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