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This is a really cool map. I absolutely loved it! It is made up of a big bridge, which is amazingly detailed, awesome bases, and some secre...


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This is a really cool map. I absolutely loved it! It is made up of a big bridge, which is amazingly detailed, awesome bases, and some secrets. The bridge is probobly the most spectacular part of this whole map. It is extremely detailed, and features a catwalk beneath where you can camp with a detpack. There are also several sniping 'vantage' points on the bridge, which really add to the gameplay.

I was also amazed at the bases. They fit the time period perfectly and look really futuristic. They are big, and feature a tonne of sniping spots.. so you don't have to leave the base to have fun. The base is built into a cliff, which is also amazing.

The water is another cool part of the map. The vegetation at the bottom of the map is a simple, but really nice thing. You can hide in the vegetation too ;). The water also features rafts which you can take to the enemy base. It is REALLY fun to get a team of people on the raft, and infiltrate the base

I loved this map. Everything sort of 'fit together' and it was a fun time. The only thing that kind of sucks is the fps.. I ran it 'ok' but people with slower computers beware, your in for some choppyness :(

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Download 'ctfbridge.zip' (4.16MB)

|	     CTF-Bridge		   |
|  By: {SFEF}StaticShock AKA Jake  |


To install, extract the .PK3 file from the
zip file. then place the .PK3 file 
named ctf_bridge in your BaseEF folder.
Thats it, your done! Now go start up EF
and enjoy!


This map is designed for a very large number
of people, so when you want to play, call up
a bunch of your buddys, and have a frag fest!


as with my first map This map do NOT support
bots, there is too many ladders for a .AAS
file. sorry guys, but who likes playing dumb
bots anyways?

This map houses a few of secrets to find
that either give you a tactical advantage,
or get you killed, HAHA.
I really dont care if you dev the map and
noclip though it, the secrets arn't that big
of a deal with this map so have fun with it,
just dont decompile it!

I also ask if your going to host this map on
any servers you may run that you send me an Email
just for my own record keeping and tracking of the
maps popularity. Note: this is not manditory but 
is appreciated.


This map is automatically Copyright 2004-2005
to me (Jacob C Kulak)
under US and international copyright laws. 
Any other files not created by me are property
of there respective owner.
all rights reserved.

This includes decompiling of the .BSP file

{SFEF}Sharky: Beta Tester,
and good old advice!
{SFEF}RedTechie: Beta Tester.
and any other persons who's
work I have used please E-mail
me if you want me to post your
name on here!


If you have any questions, comments, or
requests please E-Mail me at: 

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