CTF Close Quarters

Steve's updated his map with a bunch of small fixes (not too sure what the fixes were, but it all seemed the same).

7o'nine's original...


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Steve's updated his map with a bunch of small fixes (not too sure what the fixes were, but it all seemed the same).

7o'nine's original review:

You think you've seen all kinds of maps out there? Then you may want to give this one a look as it's got some pretty cool stuff going on.

I'm happy to say that this map can be certified as a proper "Steve Robberts map". In almost all of his maps, Steve always tries to add some new or interesting element(s) that you don't normally see in your usual maps. Subway was a bit of a let-down in that respect, but this map makes up for that.

The map layout is pretty simple, each base has a bunch of corridors with the flags in rooms at extreme ends. In the middle of each base is the "spawn room", where these interesting looking 'chambers' are used as the spawn points. In the corners of the bases are team-only transporters (i.e. blue team can use the transporters in their base) which prevents enemy attackers from easy escape from your base. The centre arena contains a large pyramid which mostly offers health and ammo pickups. Sounds pretty 'normal' doesn't it? Now for the features or 'gadgets' as Steve calls them: 1. Energy Absorbsion Fields 2. Team Specific Transporters 3. A Rising Water Level

Along the corridors of the bases are various doorways. As you pass through this doorway a white forcefield is activated which you can walk through, but cannot shoot through. Now the forcefields aren't just boring as in you pass them once, they turn on, and second time turns them off. Instead it takes a number of passes to toggle these forcefields which result in a seemingly randomness to them. So as you run through the bases you will be turning on/off or just running through all these forcefields leaving it to random chance whether they will protect you from the enemy follower behind or leave you out in the open. Another use of these 'fields' is in the centre pyramid. You'll notice these thin generator-like poles on some of the levels. If you shoot at the little nob on top, you activate a yellow forcefield that spans a small area! It will last for a few seconds and can then be turned off by another shot to the top of generator. This will provide you cover for a short while, but you'll either be forced to leave it eventually or it can be turned off by your enemy!

The rising water level is used as a bit of a trap. Each base has a small 'undergound' passage that is filled with acid. You'd obviously want to avoid this, but it does contain a quad and a detpack so there's plenty reason to risk your life down there. The rising water is your only way to escape this peril!

I played with some bots as I was anxious to see the map in action, and I thought it played pretty well. The forcefields in particular gave an otherwise simple map a whole new feel. Check it out!

Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Sounds: No New Models: No

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Download 'ctfclosequarters11.zip' (2.52MB)

Map Name: CtF Close Quarters
Release Date: 05/02/04
Author: Steve Robberts
Email: steveroberts9@hotmail.com
Web: http://stevesserver.servegame.com

To run this map from the console you must use:
map ctfcq11

thanks for downloading my map

Many small bugs fixed

this map has 3 new gadgets not used in any of my other maps these are:

1. Energy Absorbsion Fields
2. Team Specific Transporters
3. A Rising Water Level

Have Fun Frag Yer Later ;)

This map is Free you can distribute it in any way except for on a cd.
Feel free to use any of the included textures and files.
you may use the map in any way or form including editing it for your own maps.

As far as im aware my map hasn't got any virus' or data corruption software! However if you do have toruble with your machine,
I accept no responsibility for damage or eaten up hard drives! 
You should always check any and all files you download with virus checking software.

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