CTF Convection



Convection features two bases and two neutral platforms floating in 'space'. Except it's not really space, but a mountain range :p As with all space maps, to get around you must use the various jumppads located around the bases. The flags are located in a rather open space, though are protected behind glass from sniping from the other base. Inside the bases are rooms with a few pickups. It's a little strange the whole door system. Along the walls are various panels which you can toggle to activate/deactivate doors. They are a bit puzzling why they work the way they do, but they can be used to trap some people.

There are a number of weapons scattered around. To be honest, for a map of this size, the pickups seem to fill up a lot of the area and dominate your view. The lighting was a little weird, a lot of black spots and such. And a little error with one of the brushes on the floor where you could see through it ;)

Overall, a pretty decent map. Should be good with a few players!

Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Sounds Yes



*/*/   CTF_Convection /*/*/*/

the name for this map does not make sence seen there has been alot of changes it was ment to 
be over a pool of lava but i did not like the idea so it turned into a space map


Name: PhotoPaint
email: n/a
msn: n/a

File name: ctf_convection.pk3 
bsp name: ctf_convection.bsp
time taken: 5 weeks
Bot surport: Yes
new textures: yes
new shader: yes
new sound/music: Yes

Installation instructions -  extract file ctf_convection.pk3 to the path of baseef folder.
			     load up ef hm and go to solo match and click create own 
			     game. then look for ctf_convection 

Info: Started This Map about 5 weeks ago but then left it for week becuase of lack off time. som ideas came from 
servral people *looks at tomo and stuk*

Thanks to: [TFX]Clan for letting me join there mad clan 
	   ||TF||Tomo For beta testing 
	   Stuk@tto for beta testing and pointin out and giving me tips
	   [TFX]Tupper for his nice ftp server to send it ef files
and elite froce files for having this nice map :D

Copyright/Permissions Voyager:
Elite Force(R) and Star Trek(R) are registered trademarks of Raven Software and Paramount Pictures,Inc.

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