This map is a very good one. It's a small federation vessel that was attacked by a Borg Interceptor. One deck has been partially assimilated...


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This map is a very good one. It's a small federation vessel that was attacked by a Borg Interceptor. One deck has been partially assimilated and part of the ship has been damaged. It contains all major areas of a starship like bridge, mess hall, engineering, shuttlebay, sickbay, etc.

This map is mapped very good and I highly recommend a download. We've seen more half-assimilated federation vessel but I think this is one of the best so far!

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Download 'ctf_deralict.zip' (3.14MB)

**   CTF_Deralict   **


Map Theam and concept
This map was desinged with assimilation in mind but supports all game types including Ctf.
Basicaly a lone fedaration scout ship has been atacked and disabled by a borg interceptor and has been boarded. Red team spawners have been put on the bridge for the federation team and blue spawners on the borg ship for the borg team. It has 5 decks (including the bridge) with multiple ways around them. 

General map info

CTF_DERALICT is my 7th map for EF but my god knows what number 
map out of all the maps ive ever made. 
I have Experianced mapping knolege from Quake2 and before
so my maps are usaly of high quality and especaly this one.

This map took me about 1 and a half months to make and alot of bug testing and fixing with my clan !AAH!
(Thanks guys) 
and a few more days to fix the bugs and 6 hours to compile it on a FULL VIS

It can be used for FFA and Team matches. 
Includes bot support but i think they are to stupid to navigate the decks of the ship.

The map was started on January 3rd 2002 and finished February 12th

Specail thanks
I Thank Fox for lending some of his knolege and assistance in mapping
and  i also thank Fox,  Wise Washu, Wolf, Wolfwoman, MadBarrett and [TBA] Killer for
being involved in testing it on my cable server
Id also like to give a very specail thank you to the entire [TBA]Clan for their support
and [TBA] Gizmo [ADM] for hoasting this map and CTF_Insurrection on his assimilation server

Basic map feature overveiw

Decks - 5
All weapons and most items in the map
Secrets - Yes
Areas, (not in alphebetical order) Sickbay, Shuttle Bay, Engineering, Cargo Bay, Borg interceptor, Crew qurters, Holodeck, Nukems Bar >:D (so you can Eat at Nukems :P) Main bridge and Hidden Hypospray and borg weapons.
Bot support inculded but they act dumb :P

Installing & playing the map

To use this map simply copy and paste the 'Ctf_Deralict.PK3' file in to your Baseef
folder, which can be found in your Startrek Voyager elite force folder.

The easiest way to find the baseef folder if you havent any idea where it is,
is to use the find command:

(1) click start
(2) chose find 
(3) click on files or folders
(4) type in baseef in the named box
(5) hit find now and there u go

Then start up the 'holomatch game' and select 'Multimatch' and 'create match'.

Select the game style u wish to play (i.e. FFA, team match and scroll through the
avaiable maps until the 'Ctf_Deralict' map appears.
(or you can bring down the console in the main menu pressing the "`" key next to the 1 key
and type "/map Ctf_Deralict"

And there you go.

p.s. Remember that you will need the Star Trek CD to actually play the map, 
it will remind you when you try to play it without the CD anyway. 

Creation information

This map took 6 hours to compile and is just about 100%

It took roughly 1 and a half months to complete.

Any other suggestions would be apreciated.

Known Bugs
Umm Dung betle, cockroch, millapead, fly and Loyers i think

Trouble Shooting
If you come across any problems running the map, or want more information simply e-mail me

[email protected]

Additional maps

You can also find more maps for download at:

my site:
and also


Both are excellent sites with plenty of usefull maps and info.


James Nukem takes no responsibility what so ever for any damage that may result to your pc (software or hardware) 
from the use of this map.

As allways I would recommend using a virus checker to double check that this map does not have a virus
on it.

This is just a general piece of advice, nothing should go wrong and there should not be any viruses in 
the map file what so ever, but better safe than sorry :P

!AAH!James Nukem(c)

This map MAYNOT be used for a base for any other map without the authors explicit permision :P

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