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I will make shorter the definition of this file, since I have a lot of work (File to add) and that the readme is really explicite. This is a...


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I will make shorter the definition of this file, since I have a lot of work (File to add) and that the readme is really explicite. This is a map made by the great Stukatto, same creator that the Stukattamun. This is a good map with new textures and sound. Really fun.

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Download 'ctf_desfort.zip' (1.65MB)

"Desert Fort" Full Version README


[email protected]

7th July 2001

Map Name:
"Desert Fort"

Map supports 
FFA/TDM/CTF (and modes included in the add-on)



Full Version,Full-vis (May require 1.2 patch to play)
**Does NOT require the add-on.(X-pack)**

Set in Fort in the middle of the desert,its Built for Capture the flag, but accomodates a fast paced FFA or Team DM.Has menu and bot support.
It's fairly big with multiple routes between the flags, which are themselves located about 3 foot apart. ;)

I have created new textures,shaders and a sky for this map.
Most of the powerups are in there including the holodecoy,my fave!

Enjoy  ;)

Extract the pk3 file to your \baseEF folder.
Select from the in-game menu.(you can also type 
/map ctf_desfort 
/devmap ctf_desfort(for cheats)
in console)

Bot support
Yes,available in all game modes.

***********CONSTRUCTION DATA************
EFRadient:Map editor
Q3MAP.exe:bsp compiler
BSP-GUI:Bot support creation (.aas)
Pakscape/Winzip:For Pk3 creation
Notepad:arena/readme file creation
Adobe Photoshop 6/Wally (the best prog for seamless textures):Custom textures and screenshots
Creation Time:about 25 hours.
Known Bugs:None,but please let me know if you do find anything.         

Compiler Computer:
AMD K6/2 500Mhz
128Mb RAM
Nvidia TnT2 Pro 32Mb
HD 12.6Gb  7Gb Free
SB Live player 1024

Compile data:                                     

bsp write=48 secs

Active portals=1050
-vis-    =46 secs

Extra Detail Tracig
14 light emitting surfaces 
0..> 10 =9 secs
0..> 10 =255

310 secs elapsed.

834   Brushes
353   Entities
0     Leaks


Credits/Thanks:Me,Raven for EF,ID for engine,Foyleman,Likka at Surface Tension,
=CCC=Mr Chapel(Chief Beta Tester),Paul Cross(beta tester),=CCC= clan,all the moderators and members at the Raven boards for help and suport and anyone I missed. ;) 

Raven Boards:

=CCC= Clan

Stukatto (ME)
I2K2 "Surface Tension"(http://digital-eel.com/surface/)

Stukatto's Map Page:(email me: [email protected])
For news,views,previews,maps,tutorials and files related to mapping for EF.

ICQ# 104269604 

"Desert Fort" and custom textures ©2001 Melvin "Stukatto" Miller. All rights Reserved.
"Star Trek","Voyager" ©2001 Paramount Pics Inc.
"Elite Force" ©2000 Activision Inc.  All rights reserved.


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