This is Absynthe map submition for the map contest.

Quite good CTF map.

Click on the little download button, you will feal better afte...


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File Description

This is Absynthe map submition for the map contest.

Quite good CTF map.

Click on the little download button, you will feal better after. ;)

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Download 'ctf_dx_01.zip' (1.61MB)


Extract the ZIP file and put the PK3 file into the BaseEF folder inside your
Star Trek Voyager Elite Force folder. If you followed a default install the full path
will be:

C:\Program Files\Raven\Star Trek Voyager Elite Force\BaseEf

* Playing Tips *

- passing through the energy beam in the middle causes damage. Sometimes alot,
sometimes a little. What is certain, is that if you press any movement key while
flying through the beam you are more likely to suffer a greater amount of damage
than if you don't.

- the odd dark tunnels that connect the armory altar to the lower access tunnel is
intended for two purposes. One, an alternate route to the lower access tunnel
though you need to crouch to move your way through it. Two, a murder hole. If you aim
your grenade launcher correctly you can litter the lower tunnel with grenades.


Title                   : CTF_Dx_01
BSP Name                : CTF_DX_01
Author                  : Absynthe
Release Date            : March 2002
Email Address           : [email protected]
Home Page               : www.voyager.net/~absynthe
Game                    : Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force v1.2
File size               : 1.56meg (compressed)
Description             : A serious Sam inspired Egyptian themed CTF map.
Beta testers		: Me and the bots. Additional input from Atolm and -ZIpZZAm-.
Additional Thanks to    : Claudec's Lair of 3D for the definitive Quake3 tutorial list.
			Nifty light flare by ROB PETERSON
			(aka: GONNAKILLYA! - [email protected])
			Asteroid Skybox by Justin Fisher
			Raven Software for making Elite Force so great.
			Id Software for making Quake3 the ultimate DM engine.

Previous work           : CTF-Redsun, CTF_RoofHopper, CTF_RedSun2, NeoEgypt

-- The Story --

There is no real story for this map other than the fact that its my submission to the
EFFiles.com Holodeck5 (www.3dactionplanet.com/eliteforce) CTF mapping competition.

* MAP Information *

New Textures            : Bunch of new shaders and a few textures scrapped together.

* Construction *

Base                    : None
Construction Time       : About a month and a half. Having had two really great games
			  coming out during my dev time lost me about 2-3 weeks. :-)
Build programs          : Standard GDK tools v1.2
BSP Time 	        : 50 secs
VIS Time		: 87 secs (fullvis)
LIGHT Time		: 332 secs (lightextra)
Compile machine         : Dual Athlon MP 1500+
Editor used             : EFRadiant
Other programs          : UltraEdit (text editor), PaintShop Pro (textures)
Known Bugs              : Bots sometimes get stuck on ramps leading to flag
			  inside the base. I don't know why. Managed some
			  optimization that has reduced it from a certainty
			  to the occasional.

* Copyright / Permissions *

You may NOT use this level as a base to build additional levels without the
explicit permission of the author. You may use the custom textures for any 
non-commercial project, but please let me know. You may distribute this pk3 freely
in any electronic format but you must NOT charge for doing so.

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