CTF EFPinball v1.1

This map is an update to the original pinball map. The original map is not required to play this map although you probably have checked it o...


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This map is an update to the original pinball map. The original map is not required to play this map although you probably have checked it out since it is such a cool map.

EFPinball takes you right into...you guessed it right...a pinball machine. Each team has their own machine and are connected by means of a transporter. I'll start with the outside of the machines, they have been given a lot of detail. Be sure to keep your wallet ready 'cause every ball is 50 cents ;) There are platforms up in the air along with some jumppads to quickly maneuver around the map. It is advised that you stay on the platforms, falling off will result into death. The sky is elegant in its simplicity, stars with Voyager and a Borg Sphere.

Inside the machines is where the real action takes place. All of the surfaces are slick which make it difficult, but also fun to roam across the map. The bumpers will shoot you around the machine. Alot of goodies like powerups and weapons have been placed around so it's hard to encounter the enemy team and not have a weapon. It's hard to shoot enemy players because of the slick surfaces but practice makes perfect :) The brushes are all very detailed, take a look at the screenshots and you'll know what I mean. There are some corridors like the Borg Tunnel, which makes you move around insanely fast.

This map is suitable for 8 vs 8 players, maybe even more.

All in all, Pinball is a very cool map that deserves a download. The beauty alone is reason enough to get it.

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Download 'ctf_efpinball_11.zip' (25.06MB)

CTF EFPinball 1.1 For EF1 By Tman

This is a stand alone update to my map Ctf_Efpinball.You dont need the original.
I didnt spend as much time as I should have on the first one so this is my attempt to polish it up a bit.


This update fixes a few things,including the following:

Fixed the over brightness of some textures due to my nOOBness and my dying monitor.

Moved platforms a little closer to center of map so bots and players can more easily reach the large platforms.

Removed a couple of the slick surfaces (table glass and floating platforms).

Tweaked/added a few brushes,textures and entities.



Extract EFPinball_11.PK3 into your baseef folder, select game from the ingame menu or type "map efpinball_11" 
into the game console.

If your computer/video card can handle it I recommend turning texture quality in EF's video options to VERY HIGH or 
some textures may not be displayed correctly.

Due to the amount of textures,brushes and shaders, this map may not run well if you have a older computer.
Enabling texure compression in video otions may/or may not help.
You might also try adjusting some of the other video options to improve performance.

Many thanks and a bottle of A-1 go to Steakboy for his help with this map!



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