EFS1 is a faceoff-esque map with a more prominent Voy theme. There aren't many places to duck behind (except the little sniping stations)...


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EFS1 is a faceoff-esque map with a more prominent Voy theme. There aren't many places to duck behind (except the little sniping stations) so you're pretty much out in the open all the time. There are large pillars floating between walkways, however, that have a pickup at the very top of it. Each base has 3 pillars, two of them have detpacks and a ladder to reach them, while the third has a gold meta shield that is only reachable via a secret transporter. The photon launcher is put on a separate level under the flag room, which might put off some people from going for it as it's a long way back up to the playing field ;) But I guess it's a good way to keep photon hogs from taking over.

The map is decent overall. It has nothing that's very distinctive about it... but maybe worth a check out to see if it's to your liking :)

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Download 'ctf_efs1.zip' (1.09MB)


By Jeremy Critchfield, AKA EFS Jeremy.

Information: This map is a brand new map devised by me. It has a great faceoff feel, as  of most of my maps :P and the game play is fast and furious, with almost no place to hide your sorry self. There are no sniper towers, i dont really want to incourage camping, and, i used most of voy textures. What can i say? I love em! The map has two bases, each with a path and  3 pillars. The tallest pillar has a Meta Shield, but can only be reached by the secrete transporter in the map, but i aint tellin u where it is, or whats the point of calling it a secret then??? Also, when you fall off the map, you DO NOT die. Your are teleported to either side of the map. So, its a 50/50 chance of what u want. The smaller towers ou have to jump to the ladder. Up there are detpacks. Each side has a nomber of two detpacks, totalling 4 in the whole map.

Installation Information:
Install into your baseEF folder, and enjoy!
(I.E: C:\Program Files\Raven\Star Trek Voyager Elite Force\BaseEF

Qball Coordinates:
X: 3264.0
Y: 760.0
Z: 256.0 (Note, you can mess with this if you want :P)

Email: Any comments or suggestions should be sent to Hotheadjrc@hotmail.com Please

Legal Crap:
This map has been made freely to the public. I do not take any responsibilities done to your computer by this file. It has been scanned by Norton Antivirus and is virus free. Raven is not held responsible, either, for whatever damage is done if something happens, even though i dought it will.

Thanks, Jeremy Critchfield

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