CTF Facility

This certainly is an interesting map. It's a large sized 'facility' and it has loads of corridors. Ìt will probably take some time to get...


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This certainly is an interesting map. It's a large sized 'facility' and it has loads of corridors. Ìt will probably take some time to get used to this map since all those different corridors may make it a bit confusing. It's kind of hard to explain this map so I suggest that you better check it out for yourself.

On the bright side, I couldn't find any misplaced brushes or overlapping textures, although there were some errors in the console. Still, this does not bring down the quality of this beautiful map.

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Download 'ctf_facility.zip' (3.94MB)

CTF Facility:

Author: 			MadBarrett
Date Of Completion: 		29/02/2004
Minor Editing Completed:	??/06/2004
Version of STVEF Required: 	1.30

Approximate Build/Design/Edit Time: 	Too long - this map has evolved over the course of a couple of years
System: 				AMD Athlon 850MHz,
					128MB RAM,
					32MB Graphics Card,
					~GB free HDD space
Compile Time: 				607 mins

Game Types Supported: 	CTF, Team DM
Custom Textures: 	No
Custom Sounds:  	No
Custom Shaders:  	Yes
Bot Support:     	Yes 



My second mapping release after Quarry. This map has been in production for ages off and on, with a lot more emphasis on the off! Originally this was gonna be Reservoir 2 before I-Borg had released his version, which kinda shows how long ago I started the concept of this map. However, very little of it has actually stayed the same since it was first started, only a couple of the rooms are the same. Hopefully it is better for all the time I've spent on it! Also managed to include bot support on this one, though not without my attempts causing more glitches and bugs to iron out - why is nothing ever straight forward!



* Open the ctf_facility.zip file using an archiving software program like Winzip
* Extract ctf_facility.pk3 to your baseEF folder (default location c:\program files\raven\star trek voyager elite force\baseEF)
* Run Star Trek Voyager Elite Force Holomatch
* Go in to the menu system, selecting gametype: CTF
* Find ctf_facility (it should be there - if not, check it's in your baseEF folder) & configure game settings as desired
* Last, but not least, play & have fun! :o)


Known Issues:

Some of the doors in the map disappear when viewed standing in the doorway with the door (obviously!) in the open position. Though most probably you wouldn't have notice this if I hadn't told you. For some reason on this map the area portals were prone to causing or being buggy. :oS 

I could have removed the area portals to have a bug free map, however, I left the area portals in as it helped improve the frame rate overall, which does drop to about 30fps on my system when bots are added, though this is only when looking in to the main open area in the centre where the lava is. The hope is that most people have probably got better systems than me, since mine is in dire need of an upgrade as you can see from its specs at the top of this read me! :o(

Also another thing that bugs me is the in-game texture for the blue spotlight which emits light whereas the red one didn't so the blue light in the box room is especially obvious as being incorrectly lit. I would've tried fixing this, however subsequent compiles lost the bot support so I've left the bugs in so that bots can be used as I've (even if I do say it myself) had a lot of fun playing against them on this map!

Anyway, I hope that if you haven't read this read me, you won't notice the above mentioned issues too readily, as I don't think they infringe much on gameplay which is more important. Another reason why I didn't try too hard to get rid of them was that I just wanted to get it released and move on to the next project!


Thanks Go To...

|BOD| Angel & Grand Nagus (and the rest of the people helping on the 1.3 mod) for persevering with an excellent "patch" for Elite Force, and for also giving me some advice with regard to the latter stages of this map's development. Also to Lameway for testing the map for me as well as the usual suspects mentioned in Quarry's readme for being a benefit to the EF community - you know who you are! ;o)



All materials are the copyright of their respective owners, no infringement was intended in the creation of this map - it's all in the name of fun after all!



As far as I am aware there are no viruses attached to this map, however, I strongly recommend verifying this with a virus checking program before loading it in the game. I will not be held reponsible for any damage this set of files inflicts on your system - use this map at your own risk!

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