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Alexraptor has further expanded on his FedDrydock map with some pretty big changes. The most noticeable change would have to be the replace...


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Alexraptor has further expanded on his FedDrydock map with some pretty big changes. The most noticeable change would have to be the replacement of the docked ship to a Federation one (USS Reliant, Miranda class). The setup of this map is a docked Fed ship being attacked by a Klingon Bird of Prey. The blue team are on the Fed ship and red team on the Klingon ship. Players spawn inside their respective ships and have to transport outside to reach the other team's ship. The flags on each base are located in Engineering. The ships are setup to make it hard to infiltrate but reasonably easy to escape. When attacking a ship you must find a transport point on its hull to beam inside and then make your way through the interior to Engineering where you can steal the flag and take a transporter (that is very near to the flag) back outside. The challenge of bringing the flag back really only takes place outside where you have to try and get back to your ship as fast as possible. Because the dock is so huge there is a lot of space to cover!

The entire map is low grav (inside and out) which is necessary for both atmosphere and gameplay. However, the interiors of both ships are not very accomodating to the gravity, this is especially true with the Klingon side. The corridors are not only narrow, but contain wall supports all along the sides that constantly snag you as you try and get through (I personally found it quite frustrating trying to control my movement on the BoP, the Fed side was reasonable). A bit of a minor problem on the Fed ship are the unmarked doors (you don't know which one will open until you get right up to it). So until you become very familiar with the Fed interior, you might find your self running up to sealed doors. On the tech side, the map does suffer from a lack of vis inside the ships. No matter where you are inside either ship, the entire thing is being rendered (and adding in a couple players/weapons/effects will only make things worse). Besides that, there were also alot of unseen faces that could have been caulked to improve performance. In the main dock area, the brush work on the actual dock could use some cleaning up (though that's more a quality issue than tech).

All in all, a nice concept for a map and pulled off pretty well, it's bit like an extension to CTF KLN2. It should be fun to play with a lot of people as there's definitely quite a bit of room.

Bot Support: No New Textures: Yes New Sounds: Yes New Models: Yes

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Download 'ctf_feddrydock2.zip' (21.91MB)

ctf_Feddrydock2 1.0- By Alexraptor

gametypes: CTF, FFA, 1v1, TDM, maybe even RPG
players: 16-32
work time:1-2 months

Extract from the ctf_feddrydock2.zip Ctf_feddrydock2.pk3 to your Startrek Voyager Elite Force
BASEEF folder.
Then run EF and bring down the console by pressing the ¬ key next to 1 and type:
/map ctf_feddrydock2

Well maybe a feeling of nostalgia or something, but i just felt like making a new version, and this version is the best map ive ever made, i know some said i should have a docked feddy ship instead of a BoP...well.... they wont be sorry, there is a miranda class starship docked and a attacking Normal Bird of Prey, with some intreasting features.
* both ships are armed
* federation ship features: bridge, engineering and transporter room with a small hallway network, the coridoors and part of engineering are based of screenshots of EF2's USS Dallas ;)
* observation lounge in drydock
*full proper lightmap this time ;)
*some ehem secrets

Special Thanks to:
Dooley and Simmo, for use of textures and .map by them(the federation ship bridge: core of bridge made by dooley. core meaning the original bridge was done by dooley and i rebuilt parts of it and changed color scheme.)
Rick Knox(P81) for use of his B'rel and Miranda starship models originally from BC
Mr. T for use of Serenity Models and for any textures I may have used

Beta Tester thanks:

Known Bugs:
Be carefull on the miranda torpedo pod, for some reason one can somtimes get stuck inside it, best way to avoid it is jumping straight onto the flat surface of it.

Also i kinda want to get this thing released now so the LCARS are Serenity, and not modified meaning dont get suprised if u see a Excelsior representation on the displays and ect. i will Do another Release later with new textures, but i just felt that i had to get this up before school starts.
Also plz report any other major bugs that are not listed in this readme, and major as in is easily noticable or hampers gameplay.

AUTHOR: [SF]Alexraptor
E-MAIL ADDRESS: [email protected]

This map has been tested for anything that may be harmfull to your computer.
if however problems occur i am not to be hold responsible.

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